If the house was quiet - this means that the child ...

• washes his hands in a bowl of cat
• half sticking out of the washing machine
• licking daddy's shoes
• parental socks folded down the toilet
• spreads her mother's makeup on the mirror, painting reflected
• checks - not settled whether anyone in the socket?
• gnawed used tea bag and drags him along on a string, leaving the floor wet tea leaves
• eating my mother's glossy magazines
• diligently sucks a live electrical outlet to charge the phone
• opens the drive in the music center and trying to settle him sing
• put all their favorite gizmos in the washing machine
• licks cup of yogurt, just thrown in the trash dad
• cat eats from a bowl
• hide my bag their toys
• poured water somewhere, most likely - on the couch ... and selflessly spreads
• sent 84 empty SMS to the same number
• includes a computer and alternately push button DVD-ROM and «reset» - until the PC is not go mad
• scattered on the floor rental discs and trampling them underfoot
• calls on the mother's cell phone, or gaining a 100-digit number on a city phone
• rummages in her grandfather's bedside table and unwinds 2 kilometers bandages
• smeared my mother's face cream on the floor
• carefully clean shifts and ironing clothes from drawers in the hamper
• washes his hands in the toilet
• pulling out one of her mother's diary leaves
• something very hard scissor ... (cut intricate pieces of worn on it as clothing, pants cut holes (apparently - for ventilation), cut bedclothes, on linen - wonderful thingies, to cut their own hair on his head ...)
• separates the flowers at room violets - the doll needed a bunch =)


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