Safety note: the child is not lost and what to do if it happened?

The tips and advice that will teach parents and children to avoid similar situations and to find each other in case to avoid such a situation failed.

Things to think about in advance and what to teach the child:

1. Name, age, address, is what your children should know. The child in the inner pocket should always be your calling card (business card can replace a simple piece of paper). Here it is necessary to specify not only the phones of his parents and home address, contact your friends (additional telephone numbers will help to get through, even if your phone is unavailable). If the child has any medical conditions, these data are also necessary to make the card.

2. Start quest: talk to the child what he would do if lost in the city. From the responses, you will be able to understand how a child is ready to a critical situation. Ask him if he knows what to do if you raskinetsya in transport? How to act if child on the street try to lead by force? Instead, try simple tips on how to act in a given situation, explain to the child why this should be done. If the child is very small, the situation can play out based on the fairy tale.

3. Check your notebook. There must be numbers of educators (teachers), parents and friends your child's friends. Next time — make a list of volunteer organizations that are seeking children in your city. Unlike the militia, the volunteers are able to organize a search immediately after your call. Find the telephone Bureau of registration of accidents. This unit is specially designed for the rapid collection of information on the city and answer to the citizens, searching for their missing relatives. Take a few minutes to call these numbers in advance and check whether they are active or not.4. Lost, children are very much afraid that you will yell at them. Therefore, the child can very easily forget that he needs to do in a difficult situation. When you teach a child how to act, constantly make emphasis on the fact that you in any case will not blame him.

5. The simplest rule adults remember from childhood "Stay where you are". He needs to be taught and the child. So it will be easier to find each other if you raskinetsya in a store or Museum.

6. What is to teach your child, if it is quite small? Oddly enough, the kids instinctively do the right way: a lost child psychologists advise to sit on the floor and start to call their parents. In fact, this is what kids do. Parents should teach the child one thing. Explain to your child that if a stranger approaches and tries it somewhere to get the child needs to repeat very loudly the following words: "You are a stranger, I don't know! That's not my dad (not my mom)! Help!". Only in this case, the child will attract the attention of passers-by (otherwise, strangers will write everything on the family scene).

The city

1. Dress your child in bright colors. If all outerwear dark, even if a cap or scarf will bright. If you get lost in the crowd, you will be able to find each other. Let the colors of your clothes will also stand out.

2. Keep baby only the hand. If a child keeps you for his jacket sleeve, he would be lost.

3. Making his way to the desired location in the crowd, guide the child in front of him.

4. When you have reached the right place for you (whether it be a store, Museum, etc.), look around and tell the child the place where you will meet if you go out.

5. Take a photo of a child on the phone before leaving the house. In the photo, passers-by rather, it will remember and will help you quickly to find him.

If a child is lost in a large shopping center

1. Please contact the shop administration. With the help of CCTV and speakerphone to find the child easier.

2. Announcing on the radio that you're looking for your child, make an appointment or have a prearranged place, or at the most conspicuous (as an option — meeting at Cass). Do not schedule meetings at the Desk, alone it is hard to find even for an adult.

3. While the store is looking inside, you better go out and look for it there.

If a child is missing in the city

1. Call friends and relatives of the child (and their parents).

2. Go volunteer organization to find the children and organize interaction with them.

3. In the nearest OVD write a statement about a missing person. Remember to take it are obliged IMMEDIATELY, but not on the third day! If you hear a similar call 02. Don't forget after submission take a ticket on the registration statement in the Ledger statements.

4. Print flyers with your photo, description and clothing of a missing child and your contact number. Leaflets should, if possible, throughout the city, but primarily in the area of alleged disappearance. If a child is missing on the way to/from school – then the best place for display – the route of the child (all poles, bus stops, shops).

5. Organize the search. Gather friends, acquaintances and relatives. We split up into groups of two or three people and distribute the search area. Go into the hallways, shops on site. Stop passers by and ask them about your child.The best option is to coordinate with volunteers (they will help you better organize a search).

6. Place in the social. networks of the announcement of the loss. Be sure to specify next to the picture of the signs of the child and the description of his clothes. Under the Declaration should be two contact phone.

Actions abroad

1. Keep the business card away in the pocket of the child.

2. If a child is lost during an excursion, immediately contact your head of tourists. Contact your local police Department.

3. Immediately go to the Embassy or Consulate of the Russian Federation.

Action in the train

1. Tell us about the missing child to the conductor.

2. Demand that the conductor contacted the train Manager and reported the incident.

3. Check the whole car and offices.

4. Ask the train Manager contacted the staff left behind stations.

What to tell your child when you found each other

If you notice your child, don't call him, try not to lose sight of him and start to move towards him. In the hall noisy. A mother's cry can be heard the child completely on the other side, and it can run in the opposite direction from you.

When you have found each other, and in any case do not scold him. Maybe while he spent time studying the toy, he didn't even notice their own loss.

If the child is frightened, give him a hug. Stay calm with your child: look at each other's eyes, breathe together. If the child can not calm down, help him to talk about their feelings. This become the conductor of his feelings. Explain that you were scared too, but the two of you did everything correctly, you found each other.

Home in a quiet environment once again consider the situation. Praise the child if he did what you advised him (stay away, dialed your number, asked me to help seller, not a stranger). If the child has done the reverse, disassemble again cases. published

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