The world's largest eco-Park on the island

The company Funtasy Island Development (FID) has announced that the world's largest eco-Park will be built on a separate island 16 km away from Singapore.

Preparatory work on a desert island began in 2010. The developer gave them about 300 million dollars.

However, the project was officially launched at the end of the first quarter of 2016.

On the island are planning to build a wide range of recreational facilities: theme Park, beach club villas.

In the preparatory works on the perimeter of the island mangrove planted 4000 trees and almost 200 cubic meters of coral. The company said it will retain up to 70% of the island's natural environment, and hotels and villas will blend into the natural environment and to take only 30% of the territory.

Active participation in the project takes the company Louvre Hotels Group, which is engaged in the construction of the hotel. Island villas will be sold to interested parties at a price of 750 thousand dollars. Despite the fact that the official construction of the resort has not started yet, 85% of units already sold or rented out.published


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