6 secrets of productive work from millionaires

Many tricks for efficiency no longer a secret: everybody knows about the fact that mark Zuckerberg saves time on choosing clothes, and bill gates works on three monitors. We decided to collect lesser known secrets of increasing productivity from entrepreneurs and top managers.


The founder of Twitter and Square: set a theme for each day

The Square head of a startup (developing a platform for turning the smartphone into a terminal for credit cards) Jack Dorsey recently became the permanent CEO, he founded Twitter in July, he held this position temporarily, replacing the departed dick Costolo. Dorsey has to work on two companies, and he has many years uses the same technique: it separates the days of the week. On Monday, he engaged in the management, on Tuesdays focuses on the product in the environment on the agenda marketing and communication. Thursday is dedicated to developers and meetings with partners, Friday — time for corporate culture and recruiting. On Saturday, Dorsey is resting, and Sunday is thinking about strategy and preparing for a new week. She

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This technique has a positive effect on subordinates: if Dorsey ordered them on Tuesday, they know that in seven days he will return to this issue — we have to show what has been achieved. A similar strategy was followed and the founder of Apple, Steve jobs: on Monday, he met with the team Wednesday with advertisers and marketers, and most of the afternoon time each day was devoted to visits to the main designer of Joni Quince.

The head of marketing Google: set your priorities

Senior Vice President of marketing at Google, Lorraine Twohill prefer to spend less time on email — most often, it asks the sender to call her and discuss the issue in a few minutes. But if you have to work with letters, Touhill adheres to the following rules: "You get older and realize that can't do everything at once. You can't even begin to do everything at once. You have to be realistic." So this morning Tohill scans all new emails, marking with an asterisk those with whom she is going to work — to respond and solve the issue described in the letter to the PM. To others she may not come back — and that will assure Tohill, normally, you just have to accept.

TV presenter and businesswoman Oprah Winfrey: sleep schedule

Need to sleep regularly — so says the TV presenter and the owner of his own production company, Oprah Winfrey. She is just five and a half hours a day for sleep, and over the years the body Winfrey used to set its schedule. Now she doesn't use her alarm clock and wakes up between 7:16 and 7:23 a.m. If you accustom yourself to a certain mode, the body and the brain will learn to relax hourly and daily productivity will not decrease because of an irresistible desire to sleep.

The founder of the Corcoran Group: record of meeting

If a meeting is a difficult question. Many managers possibly abandon them, believing that the meeting time is wasted. If no meeting can't do, use the advice of the founder of the largest real estate Agency in new York city Barbara Corcoran. She believes that no group meeting a meeting should not leave without a final list, which lists everything you have agreed. Each paragraph should be a responsible person. "Then go outside. All the best ideas come on the street. You'll never catch a creative idea at your Desk," says Corcoran.

Director of product Muck Rack: use hotkeys

The obvious rule that many do not respect — and for good reason. "If you don't, then every day you lose 30 minutes to an hour," — said the Director of product strategy of organisations Muck Rack Rob Shapiro. He often uses hot keys for selecting files and archiving — button E on the keyboard Shapiro already has a thing, because he too often uses a cart. Different programs have different combinations, also you can install them yourself (maybe you will need a standard key for Windows or Mac).

Writer and entrepreneur Rami Network: hire assistants older

To have an assistant, there is nothing to be ashamed of — for the busy person this is not a luxury but a necessity. But, as the author of the bestseller "I will teach VA to be rich" and owner of the company Rami Network, many make the mistake of hiring the young and inexperienced assistants. According to him, is very rare such a person is able to understand the value of time and work and reduces your productivity. Assistant to be older and more responsible, so will be a real helper.published 


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