A new job or a new career: how to understand what You need

You know that catastrophic feeling that comes on Sunday evening — that left just a few hours of free life, and an eternity with the unloved job? This immediately suggests that an urgent need to drop everything and resign, if only it hated the Monday morning not come.

But in fact, it is not always clear what's the problem in your work, in your industry or company in which you find yourself. And it is necessary to find out, before something to undertake. Richard Moy, author of the Muse, gave the three questions that you should answer in such a situation.



1. Will it be nice to do the same work in some other place?

It's kind of obvious, but when approaching the next Monday's horror, the fact that you actually like your job can quickly go somewhere on the second plan. But it may be that you don't like the current situation just because your company has stalled or you've got a nasty head.

To understand this simply, but it will require some effort. Small. Take a sheet of paper and divide it into two parts: "Everything I like about my job and All, what I don't like my job." Let it seem silly — but when you write at least several paragraphs, you will see a trend, which will tell you whether you need to look for a company better or to make more radical career decision.

  2. Are you satisfied with your career?

Most people believe that decent work is work that you love, is a mission that is easy to try on and a personal Secretary who is always ready with a fresh Cup of coffee. And when something from that list is not enough, we begin to think — isn't it time to move on to something else. Such feelings should not be ignored, but it is worth to ponder: what specifically job satisfaction mean to you?

It often happens that you have a good job in bad company — or Vice versa (and sometimes poor performance in bad company). To understand which of these options, your, ask yourself these questions: if your job is a unique opportunity to tap into your strengths? Does your industry is something from which you do not want to give up? Do you in your free time for trends and news of this industry? Honestly identify their priorities, even though it will mean that you are on the wrong place at the wrong company.

 3. Ever been so with you?

Have you ever had something that you had agreed to take a seem to be great position in like a great company, but soon discovered that the new place you no better than at your old job. I've ever had. Often, the employer successfully "sells" you this attitude, then you feel that you have been deceived, but the main thing — it is happening again and again. If so, it's time to look in the mirror and ask yourself: maybe I'm the problem?

How do I know that? I'm a typical example of such thinking. For a long time I was sure that I will have a great career in sales, although I have this thing wasn't working well. And on those days when I'm especially upset, I came to the conclusion that I just don't like the company where I work. And I moved to a new place (sometimes great!), but again, it turned out that I was not very interested in what I do. Fortunately, one close person helped me to understand that I change jobs so often because you are looking for the wrong job. Perhaps this conclusion will come to you.

Totally fine if you frustrating not interesting work. But before you make any drastic decisions, ask yourself a few questions listed above. Let's just postpone your plans for a Grand dismissal or a change of career but your future path clearer, and you will be close to what really will captivate you every day. published

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