What was found under the painting "Mona Lisa", was struck by all the world experts...

Once the infamous Leonardo da Vinci called painting dumb poetry. I guess it's true. After watching the world's masterpieces, we involuntarily try to plunge into the world that we portrayed the author. Just as during the reading of the verses...

I knowingly started this material with the memories of the great Creator of the Renaissance. And all because today we talk a little bit about one of his most famous works. Of course about "La Gioconda". Recently our office has been told that under the painting of Kazimir Malevich "Black square" was found another painting. Now, a similar story happened with the artwork "Mona Lisa". Of course we could not stay aside from such an event.

In fact, researchers have long suspected that underneath that picture is another. And this image is searched for more than one year. But that's just not multispectral or infrared studies did not give any result. While the Frenchman Pascal Cotte, who is studying Leonardo for over 10 years, has not released a truly sensational statement. Kott says that the top coat of paint hides a portrait of another artist's model.

In his research Scott used a technique referred to as "gain layers". The picture can be affected by intense light rays. At this point a special camera captures the reflected light. Having done these manipulations, Kott concluded that "JohnDoe" you can see another girl that looks in the opposite direction and not smiling. Moreover, on the same canvas there is another image that resemble the outline of the other paintings of the master...

It is believed that Mona Lisa is a portrait of Lisa Gherardini who was the wife of a Florentine silk merchant. But Scott believes that in fact Lisa Gherardini is the girl that hides under the portrait of an unknown woman, whom everyone called "Mona Lisa".

As you can see, this story remains a lot of mysteries that have yet to unravel. It seems to me that for a long time this beauty will smile and people will try to solve it to the end. For now, just share this content with their friends and acquaintances. They probably also be interested to know about this news.published

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