6 strategies on how to make the hated works to your favorite

You only went to work and after a couple of weeks regretted the decision and began to dream about how to turn back time. In the US, 35% of people abandon their work for 6 months. If you began to hate a new job, then you start to chase the thought to write the application about dismissal that may not be possible from material considerations. Wait. There are ways to fix the situation without hasty decisions.

1. Determine the source of their stradaniy step is to decide what you are not satisfied. You are boring, uninteresting tasks for you? Or are you concerned about the amount of work and under stress? Misunderstanding with the boss? Moreover, dissatisfaction with work can be caused by external factors, that is not going well is something that can in other aspects of life. Then the road will not solve the situation and may be followed by a new rash of manpower with bad consequences for a career.

2. Analyze your navigationitems, what skills will allow you to work out your new position, and whether those are the skills you want to develop. Knowledge what abilities you will be able to "pump" in this post, you can motivate the current work. Over time, this experience and knowledge can help you to go forward your career.

3. Look for additional projects and initiatives that you can prisoedinitsya current duties do not satisfy you, take a look at what is happening in the company — perhaps you can be useful in some related projects and to connect on a voluntary basis. And the experience you can always include in your resume.

4. Talk heart to heart with machinemobile there any aspects of the work that were not clear when you offered the job? You may be able to negotiate as you find satisfaction in the framework of their duties. Sometimes duties can be reviewed. Try to offer to release you from some businesses and offer to take over others, which may increase your level of happiness at work. Flexibility will depend on the item level. Alas, the lower the position, the less chances to "beat" duties.

5. Consider whether any of your discomfort "pain of change"adapting to a new environment, schedule and procedures can cause stress. Change is always stressful. Try to answer the question is not caused by your rejection of the work by the stress of new conditions and expectations. Experts recommend to hold on to a new job 6 months to know for sure, not do you like really work, or just needs to change.

6. Consider the following seriesly you sure that the new job does not suit you, and you have made the decision to move on, you need to understand what mistakes you have made in the search and decision-making last time. The employer has something to hide from you? You should ask more questions? Analyze the logic of your reasoning and motivation of your behavior, to understand how to make it right next time. Make a list of things that you don't like now, and refer to them when considering new proposals. Staffing professionals are always striving to offer the applicant something similar to his past work, but you can walk in circles of the least favorite jobs. Treat your current job as experience and stepping stone for the next change and success.published

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