Fish oil promotes the breakdown of fat cells and weight loss

The researchers found that fish oil contributes to the transformation of the "stocking" of cells in white body fat "burning" beige fat cells, which can lead to weight loss, people in middle and old age.

A group of scientists in an article published recently by the journal "Scientific Reports" says that fish oil activates receptors in the gastrointestinal tract, stimulates the activity of the sympathetic nervous system and prompts accumulate cells to metabolize fat.

The fact that not all fatty tissues accumulate fat. The so-called "white" fat cells do, they accumulate fat for energy, while "brown" cells breaks it down to maintain a stable body temperature. Brown cells are abundant in children, but with age their number is reduced.


The third type of fat cells, beige cells, was recently discovered in humans and mice. They basically perform the same functions as the "brown" fat cells. The number of "beige" cells are also reduced upon reaching of middle age. Without these metabolizing cells fat continues to accumulate over decades without any use.

The researchers attempted to find out whether it is possible somehow to increase the number of "beige" fat cells in the body by eating certain types of food.

"From previous studies we knew that fish oil has tremendous health benefits, including the ability to prevent the accumulation of fat," says the head of a group of authors Teruo Kawada. "We conducted an experiment to determine whether there between the use of fish oil and growth in the number of "beige" cells".

Scientists fed one group of experimental mice fatty foods, and the other group – the same fatty foods with additives fish oil. Mouse of those groups that were fed fish oil, gained 5-10 percent less weight and 15 to 25 percent less fat in comparison with those that did not consume fish oil.

In addition, scientists found out that the "beige" fat cells, formed of the "white" on the condition of activation of the sympathetic nervous system. This means that the part of storing the fat cells can acquire the ability to fission. "People have been saying that the traditional Japanese and Mediterranean dishes contribute to longevity, however, why these meals are so useful, still remained a subject of debate," says Kawada. "Now we have moved forward in their understanding of the probable causes of this phenomenon". published


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