36 books about business, which I advise you to read the world's richest people

Perhaps after reviewing this literature, someone will add to a hundred of the most wealthy people in the world. Anyway, worth a try!

1. Robert Kiyosaki "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"

2. Andrew Matthews "Live easy! or Happiness in hard times"

3. George C. Clason "the richest man in Babylon"

4. Bodo Schaefer "Laws winners"

5. Henry Ford "My life, my achievements"

6. Napoleon hill "Think and grow rich"

7. Lee Iacocca "Career Manager"

8. "Manager Mafia" — a Guide to the corporate Machiavelli

9. "Success formula — 33 principles of successful business from the brightest and extravagant entrepreneur of modernity" — Donald trump

10. Theodore Dreiser — "The Financier"

11. Bodo Schaefer "Mani, or ABC money"

12. Philip Kotler, Kevin Keller "Marketing management"
13. Barbara Minto "Golden rules of Harvard and McKinsey"

14. Karsten, Bredemeier "Black rhetoric. The power and magic of words"

15. Radislav Gandapas "Kama Sutra for the speaker. Ten chapters on how to obtain and to deliver maximum pleasure, speaking publicly"

16. El rice, Jack trout "Marketing warfare"

17. El Rice, Jack Trout "Positioning. The battle for the minds"

18. Svetlana Ivanova "Motivation 100%"

19. Svetlana Ivanova "the Art of recruitment. How to evaluate a person for an hour"

20. Kjell nordström, Jonas Ridderstrale "Business in style funk"

21. Nicholas Rysev "Active sales"

22. Larry king "How to talk anywhere, anytime and with anyone"

23. Gavin Kennedy "you can Arrange everything"

24. David Allen "getting things in order. The art of productivity without stress"

25. Ron Rubin, Stuart Avery Goals "Business in style a Zen"

26. Carl Sewell, Paul brown "Customers for life"

27. Stephen Covey "7 habits of highly effective people"

28. Robert Cialdini "Psychology of influence"

29. Anton Popov "Blogs. New sphere of influence"

30. Robert Scoble, Shel Israel "Talk more money. As blogging changes communication of business and consumers"

31. Seth Godin, "permission marketing. As from a stranger to make a friend and turn it into a buyer"

32. Seth Godin "Idea-virus? Epidemic! Make customers work for your sales"

33. Igor Mann "Marketing 100%. Remix"

34. Gleb Arkhangelsky "Time-drive. How to live and work"

35. Sofia Makeeva "DOWN shifting or how to work in a fun, not to depend on traffic jams and to do what you want"

36. Richard Branson "screw It! Beris and do" published


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