12 habits that you need to deal in the next 12 months

What You plan to do in the new year? To buy an apartment, car, furniture. To spend the holiday in hot countries. To learn something new or have to forget something old (for example, the craving for Smoking). To meet your soul mate. Plant a tree, build a house, to have a son. To cut down the tree, sell the house and marry the daughter. The plans are usually enormous, and if we correctly approach the process, they tend to be implemented. And it's great.

So, I hope that You already know what to do in the coming year. We want You to talk a little bit about what the new year deal not worth it.

There is one nasty thing about a person to regret what has already happened. "Ah, to steal her time machine," you think sometimes. "I would have never got this bad job and wouldn't want to meet one who left me. I would have done on the economic instead of teaching, put their money in euros, not in dollars, there would be there would be sold, now, you see, would live happily ever after.

I would... I would..." unfortunately, there is one Golden rule – if a person in one situation are dissatisfied with their lives, and in other cases it will be unhappy, regardless of how much he has power, money and jewelry. Such problems come from inside, and in order to get out of life only positive, we must first work on ourselves.

To do this, we will have a great excuse: in front of the whole year, 12 months time that we can do a lot of good and useful things and not to do a lot of harmful and useless.

Here are 12 bad habits that You can finish in 12 months.

January - the fear of change.

Many people do not live as they want, as well as necessary. They want a happy and bright future, but not trying anything to do. It is believed that peace and stability is better than change, but in fact the reverse is true. That is going beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone is the surest way to make your life better, because it gives us valuable life experience. No matter positive or negative, any movement is forward movement.

February the unwillingness to learn.

Whether You love school or not – regardless of the response time spent at the Desk, gave You a tremendous experience and laid the Foundation of your character and worldview. But sooner or later we leave school, and now no one kicks something to learn and to develop. Inquisitive by nature, people continue to explore the world, grow and achieve any of their goals, the rest just live as learned. Your task is to develop a curiosity and every day to gain new knowledge. And to make this process successful, be sure to force yourself to learn new things. Books, websites, videos, training courses, communication with other professionals in the information age, learning opportunities galore.

March -the desire to change others.

Another bad habit of the human soul – to try to change the world in accordance with their views. We often try to impose their opinion to change anything, but we see the disapproval and misunderstanding of others. The secret is simple – each person considers himself the most intelligent, and hates it when others try to question that. So the best way to fit into the society and really make the world a better place is to stop lecturing people, and if you really need to do so that they wanted to learn from you.

April - indifference.

Very often people try to cultivate indifference to protect themselves from the pain they cause the world. But indifference is able to stifle not only the pain but also love, compassion, and kindness. Do not close your heart and try not to stay indifferent to others troubles and joys and to what is happening around. Let it may seem complicated, but it will make You better.

May - uncertainty.

Others may say that You are doing a lot wrong, but I have at least two arguments in Your favor. First, look in "Mart" – these people can't be always right. And secondly, this life chose You and only You are responsible for their decisions. So never be afraid that will do something wrong or take the wrong decision. As has been said, important any experience, even negative. Don't let others hinder You from moving forward.

June - low self-esteem.

You are one of seven billion people inhabiting the planet orbiting an ordinary star, which in the universe are innumerable. And yet You – the only one! You have your own genetic code, You have your unique character and peculiar only to the set of knowledge and skills. This means that Your experience will always be helpful to people, because no one else has no such experience. Think about it.

July - disrespect to his body.

Every day our body is under tremendous stress due to our lifestyle: inactivity, harmful food, nervous conditions, etc... Your body belongs only to You, it is something without which You just can not exist. So it makes sense to think not only about the satisfaction of their habits and instincts, but also for maintaining the body in clean and working condition.

 August burning of time.

Every day life gives us 86,400 seconds that we spend a third part for sleep and rest at their discretion. And it is a pity that you can not put unspent with the use of a second Bank in the morning they will burn, and the countdown will begin again. Since we cannot maintain them, it remains only to dispose of them as efficiently as possible. There are at least two reasons to do so – You will be able to achieve in this life they are dreaming of, and You will not be painfully a pity about the lost time in his old age. If everyone

Your day similar to the others, the days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. And many years later You still have only scraps of memories, and then only about those events that are bright sparks flashed among the routine. Do not allow this, and fill the time, only bright and useful events. Live like tomorrow is Your last day.

September the habit stuck in the disassembly.

If You see that ignited a heated discussion or argument, do not try to get into her to demonstrate to others your intelligence. Well if You are the object of verbal attack, don't be like the enemy and never get personal or insulting – You're above that. This will help to keep the nerves and strengthen the authority.

October haste in judgment.

Any strong man, has its weak spots, and, when in trouble, the first thing people do not want — to be told that they are to blame. It is appropriate compassion and assistance, not condemnation mixed with the protrusion of the own "I" ("Well, I told you and you didn't listen!")

November focus on the negatives.

We usually see its flaws clearly, but does not notice virtues. Meanwhile, the correct use of their best qualities is a direct path to success.


Finally, as mentioned above, stop to regret the past. Those days will not return, but we have a great chance to protect yourself from the reason for their pity, which may arise years from now 5-10. Remember — You will never be able to control completely all your actions, so take your mistakes as a fact and a reason for reflection but not for pity. And if you really want to immersed in memories, think only about the good things that You have managed once to do. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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