Aristotle Onassis shipping magnate and Creator of supertankers

Aristotle was born in the family of the entrepreneur. In the 1950s first began to build supertankers, parallel engaged in manufacture of tobacco products and consumer goods. Special gift to recognize the benefits, helped the young businessman to occupy the vacant niche in the business.

Started Onassis in Buenos Aires, where the family sent him in search of "a better life" after fleeing from Turkey to Greece. There he worked as a night Manager of a port and, with the help of family friends, started a business to import tobacco in the daytime. He increased the use of imported Oriental tobacco in Argentina from 10 to 35% and in two years earned the first 100 thousand dollars earning 5 % Commission on the tobacco trade.

The Greek government has noticed Onassis and invited him to enter into a trade agreement with Argentina in 1928 and then made him Consul General. His business activity expanded at the expense of the production of cigarettes and other consumer goods. At the age of 25 years, Onassis made his first million dollars.

In 1932, Onassis bought his first six freighters from the canadian firm for 120 thousand dollars, in fact, the price of scrap metal. In 1938, he built his first tanker, and two, still large in size, built by the beginning of the Second world war. His Empire grew and his fleet were to increase in the 1940s and 1950s.

In the middle of the 50 years he bought 17 new tankers for one year. Among other things, that Onassis initiated the construction of the fleet of supertankers, which were the diamonds of his fleet. At the peak of the flourishing Empire of the Onassis fleet exceeded the Navy of many countries in the world, but his personal yacht was the place to meet the main actors of world politics. Suffice it to say that a regular guest here were Winston Churchill, Konrad Adenauer, the Kennedys and many more powerful.

Onassis believed in people, and those who were personally acquainted with him, said that he always showed compassion for the infirm and weak, he liked to help young people struggling aspiring to achieve success. He enjoyed the time spent in the company of simple, unselfish, sincere people to strive for at every opportunity. And many of them were his real friends. In the world there never was a man richer than him. But despite this, people treated him with contempt and envy as to many other magnates of the time.

Aristotle was a great lover of romance novels. But none of his women did a millionaire really happy. Outwardly cold and calculating, Onassis deeply experienced separation from each. And all their pain and passion sublimated into the business.

Entrepreneur-billionaire was suffering from a neurological disease myasthenia. Iron character, a will and desire to be the best – helped Aristotle to live with an incurable illness, continuing life at full speed.

Rules of the life of Aristotle Onassis:

  • Free yourself from the hope that the sea ever calm down. We must learn to sail in a strong wind.
  • Not a lot of sleep. If you sleep 3 hours less every night of the year, you will have a further month and a half in order to succeed.
  • I have no friends, no enemies — only competitors.
Tasks-exercise for future leaders

1. Do You think that in order to recognize the benefits, you must have this gift? Why do You think so?

2. How can you develop the ability to recognize the benefit? Describe the ways options?

3. What, in Your opinion, is leadership allowed Onassis not only become a billionaire, and hold this position for many years?

4. What beliefs Onassis You could take for yourself a motto?

5. Describe a set of qualities, which necessarily must have a LEADER. published


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