Hybrid versions will get all models of Porsche

All models of cars of Porsche will receive a modification with hybrid power plants in the near future. This was reported by Reuters citing chief Executive officer manufacturer of luxury sports cars Oliver Blum (Oliver Blume), who told about it in interview to one of German Newspapers.

A plug-in hybrid of the 911 reserve, only on the electric range of 50 kilometers (31.1 miles) will hit the market in 2018, concluded the CEO of Porsche, in an interview published on Monday.

The representatives of Porsche said last month that it plans to invest about 1 billion euros for a new production line for its biggest plant, the development of its first fully electric sports car, reflecting the growing desire of the parent VW to a significant increase in the production of "green" cars, which was a consequence of last year's "disilicate".


The first production electric car Porsche will be the E Mission, the final decision on the issue of which the mass market has already been taken by the company management. Sports car will be built on the basis of the same prototype, which was presented at the Frankfurt motor show 2015.

Four-door luxury car will receive the engine capacity of about 600 HP, will be dispersed to "hundred" in less than 3.5 seconds and battery is enough for more than 500 km. The creation of the electric car, which goes on sale in 2020, will spend more than a billion euros.


At the same time, the CEO of Blum noted that it is unlikely Porsche will do some serious development in the field of fully Autonomous vehicles as "iPhone should belong to the pocket and not watch the road," and that the company has no plans to start cooperation in this direction with any partners.

"The partnership is generally not a bad idea if your competence in some issues is not enough. But we, on the one hand, are a strong company, and on the other hand, we have no plans to become leaders in this field. We'll leave that to others," said bloom. published

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Source: ecotechnica.com.ua/transport/711-gibridnymi-versiyami-obzavedutsya-vse-modeli-porshe.html


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