How to clean ugg boots at home

Ugg boots is very comfortable boots the sheepskin. They are practical, warm and stylish. Owners of this Shoe, first of all, you should know how to clean ugg boots at home. Because of the improper care they can lose their attractive appearance, change the shape or to cover unpleasant spots. Talk, how to properly care for this Shoe.


Method one: clean water


This is the most simple and reliable way. Most often contaminated with heels and socks, so when cleaning should pay special attention.

Stock up on soft sponge or a special cloth for suede. It is not recommended to use a wire brush or press down hard on the cloth.


Soak the sponge in water and gently clean the surface of the Shoe. Remember, uggs not strongly wet. At the end of the procedure inside the boots, place rolled up balls of newspaper. They will absorb water and thus to maintain the desired shape of the Shoe.

 Method two: handy toolsto clean ugg boots at home with vinegar. How to do it, learn right now.

Prepare the solution. For this we need four tablespoons of 7%-nogo of vinegar and five tablespoons of water. Mix ingredients. The mixture to wipe dry cleaned from dirt and dust boots.

Leave them to dry and then wipe with a cloth soaked in cold water. Then dry with old Newspapers.

Grease stains on suede can be deduced by preparing a slurry of purified gasoline and starch. Apply the mixture on the stain and let dry. Then simply remove the excess with a sponge. This is a very effective way.


But to cleanse the fur inside you need to make another mixture. For its preparation take one part soda and two parts starch. Evenly apply the product on the sheepskin and leave it on for half an hour.Then brush off the remains with a brush and leave to get some air on the balcony.



Method three: down with salt



Very often in winter the streets of cities sprinkled with salt. It is a real challenge for such delicate material. After all, salt can soak into the suede and damage it substantially.

It is very important to know how to clean ugg boots from salt at home. There are two ways of cleaning.

For a start, shoes need to dry, but in any case not to do it near a radiator or other heat source. Uggs have to dry at room temperature. After that you can moisten the sponge with cold water and gently wipe the surface of shoes. Then to smooth the material by hand and dry the shoes with Newspapers.

Also for getting rid of salt it is possible to prepare a solution of 3% vinegar and ammonia. Both tools need to take half. A soft brush wipe with this mixture the affected area. Then just have to dry and ventilate the shoes.

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The results

For as long as possible to enjoy the beauty and grace of this Shoe, one must know not only how to clean ugg boots at home, but from time to time to expose their boots disinfection:

Sheepskin fast enough to absorb odors, but they are easy to handle the mixture of three tablespoons of corn flour and two tablespoons of baking soda. This composition should be applied on sheepskin, wait a few minutes and quickly tap out.

Before any cleaning from the surface of the boots should remove dry dirt and dust.

Do not use shampoo and soap to clean pgov. This may permanently damage the shoes.

For prevention you can use special impregnation, which protects your shoes from dust and dirt.

Author: Alina Borisova

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