Shoes Megan Fox

Megan Fox - a real fan of the shoe. She simply an infinite number of shoes, sandals, boots, shoes and many other kinds of obuvki for women's feet. Megan loves as elegant high heels and comfortable sandals wedges along with ordinary running shoes for sports. In general, Megan Fox for diversity in everything and if her style of dress did not impress me, the choice of shoes Megan simply amazing! Of course there are errors, but Meg, it's not "Miss perfection" Victoria Beckham, and a simple girl who is not particularly obsessed with fashion.

Let's look at Megan's shoes. First I'll show you the best footwear Fox, and then worse (again, in my opinion, do not blame me).

Best Shoes Megan Fox

Brian Atwood Donna

Brian Atwood Sangallo Eyelet Pumps

Christian Louboutin Madame Butterfly Pumps

Classic LaBute priori are smart!

Gray boots: simply but tastefully.

Ordinary ugg boots. This shoe is incredibly comfortable, but from an aesthetic point of view is not particularly pretty. In any case, I like ugg Megan milky.

Luxury patent leather shoes scarlet, ah, what a beauty!

Megan is not a wedding, just like her white shoes ...

Elegant and exquisite shoes.

What a great color in the bag! The truth is he now every second ...

Awesome boots!

Beautiful color.

Ugg boots, ugg boots, ugg boots. Megan loves the Australian obuvku.

Black - one of the priority of colors in shoes Meg.

Krutetskaya boots! They Megan starred in his home (ahaha very funny) movie "Transformers».

Oh, this print! I love shoes "under Leopard».

Again, ugg boots, but on the bare leg. It may seem strange, but that day the image of Megan was gorgeous, despite the extraordinary combination of warm ugg and body hugging short dresses.

Megan indifferent to sandals wedges and I sympathize with her. Wedge looks no worse than the heel, but in fact it is much more convenient.

Unusual shoes, but with legs Megan she looks great!

Worst shoes Megan Fox

Komments know ...


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