5 rules for health all year round

I don't remember when was ill last time. Sure, the human body is self-sufficient. If you strengthen the immune system, she will cope with any infections. For me health is part of their traditional way of life and belief in themselves.

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1. Food.

Simple food is based on dishes from various cereals and legumes, seasonal vegetables and fruits (preferably raw), quality dairy products, natural sweets, drink plenty of water and herbal teas. I don't drink alcohol and don't smoke, don't eat heavy food and meat. Regardless of the season, on my Desk, brewed ginger and lemon tea, and honey.

2. Fasting and body cleansing.

Our digestive system needs a rest, short of starvation – this is the best method.

3. Bathhouse.

Once a week I go to the bath – it's a tradition. Regular bathing promotes metabolism, a great detox, especially for city people.

4. Rejection of pills.

Drinking a pill, most often, we are treating the symptom but not the cause of the disease. Drugs weaken our immune system, it becomes unable to defend itself. People say colds can be treated with pills or not to treat at all, in any case, ill 7 days.

5. If I or someone in our family has an ailment, as a rule, we:

Choose the popular treatment for. For colds is ginger, lemon, fresh or frozen berries, medicinal herbal infusions, and other well-known means.

Of modern medicine I recommend bioresonance therapy. We have been using this method and helps us. Recently my son got sick, it was like a virus. Two sessions on the device bioresonance therapy, he fully recovered.

And more. We never bring down a high temperature. If the thermometer shows above 39 degrees, I recommend that adults take moderately cool shower to "wash away" the heat, small children, you can pound the vodka.published 


Author: Andrey Alexeev


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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