Do you know how out of the ordinary water popular kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream or pudding?

The modern food industry has learned that selling their products and exposing it as a useful product.

For the convenience of the large chemical giants have developed a number of chemical powders and methods for the production of any "food". One such miracle powder is GUAR GUM (E 412).

It is a powder that is made from the seeds of Cyamopsis tetraganoloba plants, known as guar, or more simply: pea tree. Today not only what the product is made without this bean filler.

For any manufacturer – it's a gold mine. The fact that the cost of a miracle – ranges from 40 to 60 rubles per kg. At the same time, to get the same yoghurt, 100 liters of water from the tap only needs 50-70 grams of guar gum! Then you stir – and the Miracle is READY: 100 liters of yoghurt – only manage, spill. Not bad: 100 liter yogurt 60 rubles!

Today at the chemical plant to not only buy raw material for the production of plastic bags, but also food products that are superior to the natural Guar gum:

  • Cellulose,
  • Metilgidroksipropilzelluloza;
  • Hydroxypropyl cellulose;
  • Specially purified sodium carboxymethylcellulose
Here is an example of how to make mayonnaise in the water – adding chemical ingredient:
To 100 liters of water you add:

  • Geny pectin, Slendid® type 120 – which is a fat substitute that gives the product a nice creamy taste;
  • xanthan gum, KELTROL® – which provides texture, stability, taste and good fluidity of the product. Ensures the stability of the emulsion, creamy taste sensations;
  • Galanova gum, KELCOGEL® – which develops the product body and viscosity.

And again a delicious Miracle 100 liters of mayonnaise in just 100-200 rubles powders!

Zakustarennye and adhesive properties of these substances are in cold water and dissolve in hot, forming a homogeneous, gelatinous and generally tasteless mass when cooled. The use of Xanthan gum in the manufacture of same bakery products, increase production volume at least 2-3 times. The product has a pleasant taste, aroma and does not get stale.

What is necessary for the entrepreneur to obtain good profits and meeting the old-age security?

The same trick occurs in the production of sausages, yogurts, all kinds of semi-finished products and taste for yourself the quality of every year improving, increasing and expanding variety in the market of chemical additives.

Everything would be beautiful and fun if it were natural and edible. But in this Comedy naconecinii the end in the form of serious physiological diseases.

Use plastic food – really destroys the body of a Living Person.

Friends, eat natural food! published

From the book Levshinov A. "Living food"


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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