How to get a DOUBLE crop of cucumbers

There is an effective method of growing an early crop of cucumbers — an average of 20-25 pieces each Bush. Harvest when you use this method several times higher than usual.

For this dry cucumber seeds are sown in boxes, the bottom is filled with sand for filtration, added on top of the soil mixture (50% garden soil and 50% humus).

Fill boxes to half their height by 3-4 cm Seeds are planted at a depth of 1-2 cm 3-4 cm Then the drawers covered with glass and in 3-4 days put in a warm place.

When shoots appear remove the glass and the boxes are exhibited in a Sunny window.

The growth of seedlings it is necessary to pour the soil, while the drawers are filled completely.

This is the first increase of the root system of cucumbers by bedding the earth.


If you look closely at the trunks of cucumbers, it is possible to see a lot of pimple is future roots. They come forth in the bedding ground and give additional roots, increasing the root system of all plants by almost 2 times, which means — and the power of the whole plant.

The next operationthe transplantation of seedlings in pots (or bags of milk). This is done when the plant grows at 1-2 leaf.

You need to cut the plant together with the land and put in the pot (package). Pots, boxes and the like, only partially filled with earth. The growth of the plant spiked to the ground until the pot is filled completely.

This is the second increase of the root system.

Then the seedlings are transplanted into soil. First dig a trench (with a width of one meter, the length is arbitrary) for a full bayonet spade. On the bottom of the trench is poured humus 5-7 cm Before transplanting the earth in the trench should be a week to warm up.

Transplanting: cut package, and clod of earth with the seedling falls to the bottom of the trench (in the mold). Looking at someone, you can see that he is literally permeated with roots — this is important in this method: greatly increases the root system.

When the plants are lowered into the trench, sprinkle them with earth.

Planting density: 18-20 plants per 4 square metres of the trench.

Then a trench on either side of the plants, covered with straw, last year's weeds with a layer of 8-10 cm and cover with soil, and watered. This layer of straw will provide warmth and food plants during the decay and emit carbon dioxide.

This is the third increase of the root system vertically.


Further care — as usual.

But if you install over the entire length of the trench trellis grid, the harvest will be very easy.published


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