British electric vehicles "share" the energy with trains

For a new project on creation of "electric" energy storage system for railway trains allocated 1.5 million pounds. It will be used electric vehicles with their batteries as energy "backup", leave for special Parking stations. The result of the implementation of the project will be more effective and less expensive trains.

In the framework of a joint initiative of the University of Sheffield and National Rail will consider the possibility of using electric vehicles as stationary energy storage systems.

The main idea of the project "TransEnergy" is to minimize the peak load on the electrical network during periods of passage of the greatest number of compounds. Engineers have put forward the idea of the social aspect: to provide the owners of electric vehicles Parking at railway stations, the connection to the traction network — freeing them from Parking fees.

The implementation of this project possible through technology V2G [Vehicle to grid], through which the traction battery of the vehicle — not necessarily car — performs the role of backup storage to provide electricity infrastructure. In this case drivers do not need additional efforts, you only need to connect to special charging stations that support V2G. The system is scalable: for example, when integrating ten Nissan LEAF might get up to 300 kWh capacity, which is comparable with the decisions of the industrial class.

Additionally, it is noted the use of ultracapacitors for regenerative braking, the kinetic energy of braking trains to improve their energy efficiency. published


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