10 things to think about before quitting a job

How often many of us spend a lot of time and money in the first year after the dismissal. But many mistakes could have been avoided, we think about several important points.

It would get rid of sleepless nights, depression and disappointment that usually accompany the loss of a job. It is a pity that no one talked about these things before.

1. Do you know how to earn money? To learn to work on yourself is not easy, especially if you're used to at the end of each month to get paid for their work. It will take some time until you wean.

Only you will be able to take care of yourself after retirement to pay you a regular salary will have no one. This is probably the hardest thing that need to be considered.

You will be making a big mistake if you leave from work, not having the slightest idea on how to make money.

2. Salary – the biggest temptation Regular paycheck gives you the freedom and confidence. We're not worried about how to earn money – no need to look for clients, deal with competitors, to advertise new products. Salary – the biggest enemy of new ideas, creativity and enthusiasm. It's so convenient to receive regular money at the end of the month, nothing to worry. Do not succumb to this temptation to stop.

3. Get used to safely treat failures Possible, before you leave work, you never had to experience serious setbacks in life. How to treat them? How to cope with mistakes and failures? Can be a big problem, if you start to deal with these issues after dismissal.

In order to avoid these problems, you need to try to calmly accept failures and mistakes. To learn it before leaving work – for secure. Experiment, take risks and be courageous. Try to do what you are afraid to take on everyone else.

In any case you risk nothing because you were going to leave.

It will take some time before you will no longer experience the fear of failure. But no need to start getting used to them when you are on the edge of a precipice – without a job. One more failure and you will fall into the abyss. Many people pass this way. Some of them remain forever in this abyss, while others return to wherever you left your previous position.

If you have never had any real setbacks and disappointments, try to test them until the end of the abyss is still far, up to dismissal from work.

4. Learn how to communicate with people in your Network When you have an ordinary office work, you rarely feel the need to communicate with people in social networks. Every day you'd go to lunch with the same people, and only rarely meet someone outside of your Department.

Many are beginning to learn about social networks only after leaving work. Although it is much easier to do before dismissal. When you have a job, you find it easier to tell people what you do, and the name of a reputable company where you work, will raise your status. It is very difficult to earn the trust, if there is no work – it is impossible to talk about what is not.

5. The importance of communication Availability of communication is a value of the 21st century. If you have your own circle of friends, and people listen to you, then you will be able to make contact with anyone. If you don't have the audience or you are unable to affect it – you lose. Do not believe those who claims that they can quickly establish contact with people only with the help of witty SMS or comment in social networks.

Nothing could be more important than communication. And this will help a worldwide Network. When dealing with people, you will be able to get from them what you want. Work on creating and expanding your audience before quitting your job.

6. No one knows about you on the wave of a magic wand , no One will know about you if you don't apply to this effort. No matter how good you are, and how healthy you are doing your job well. Even many famous artists had to use all your abilities to send their demos in hundreds of recording studios or share hundreds of videos before they have learned.

It's all a question of demonstrating your capabilities and creating your audience. But dreams will remain dreams if you do not make any effort. By the way, this is not necessarily to quit working.

7. Don't be afraid of repetition the more often you do the same work, the better you get. I think it was just – like all brilliant. However, many people need a lot of time to figure it out. Repetition gives you the opportunity to hone your skill. In the result in time spent on work, less time, and you can quickly solve all arising problems and issues.

For example, a journalist may often ask yourself questions. Well written article? When is the best time to publish? Was it worth all that to write about it? But if he writes a lot every day, he had no time to think about these useless things – he's just doing his job.

Do things you love and not be distracted by useless moments – better spend your energy on something really worthwhile.

8. Persistence is not all that it takes to succeed the Real secret of success is the lack of other options. If you have no choice, you will need to do everything to achieve their goal.

You will have to act decisively and to do things that previously you would not have done. You need to succeed, whatever the cost, because the other option you have. It is a pity that many people realize it's too late. But how many bridges you could burn before, and not to knock on many closed doors.


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9. Is not quick success , There are interesting stories about instant success, and there are real – about how to really succeed. On the first you can read online all they talk about is dreams come true.

But there are real history, for example, AirBnB is an American company which is engaged in the rental of private housing around the world. The founders of this company traveled to the USA, visiting of the apartment owners. They talked to each one individually and convinced them to rent housing. It took several years before these people agreed that they too needed to rent accommodation during the journey.

10. Find "their" people to communicate online , There are recommendations on chatting online – I advise to communicate with a group of about five people. This advice seems to be not very useful. Indeed, in this case, all clever people, quickly would have lost his wits.

Some need some time to figure it out. Try to minimize all kinds of content that you are constantly browsing blogs, posts, podcasts, etc., and focus only on a few, the most useful and important for you. This will avoid the mass of conflicting advice and unnecessary information, which only hinders your development and gives a clear understanding of many things.

This is just 10 of the many things that you need to think before dismissal. Now, before you quit your job, try to look at the situation from the other side. published



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