10 things to keep in order to subsequently pass on to Your children

My grandmother's China this list may not be. Chances are that you'll never use it, despite the fact that I carried it along from one apartment to another to sell it! So, what do you want to pass on to their children so that it was not so burdensome as utensils?

A few ideas from which to begin:

Your first passport

Looking at the different stamps of exotic places, your kids will remember that their parents loved adventure. In addition, you'll be more likely to remember and tell about your youth, when you travel and have backpacked across Europe or Asia.

Military ID

There is a practical purpose, suddenly later, the children will be able to help you arrange some documents or manuals, but without having to consider such old papers are very cool. And remember, in public organizations often lose something or looking for a long time, so better don't take such documents away.

Printed photograph from your wedding

Digital images are great, unless of course you keep copies just in case and remember where they are. But there's something special about holding a printed photo in your hands. Old photos visible to their age, but that's the beauty of it.

Something that belongs to the oldest of those relatives that your children know personally

Let it be something small, but them personally. Before this item belonged to someone they knew. But if your children don't collect Antiques, pins their great aunt are they just old pins if only they were not acquainted with it.

Leave the junk collectors.

Decoration associated with some memories

Maybe the ring that you gave on the sixteenth birthday or watch, given to your father on graduation. All the value here to some sentimentality, that is, the ring doesn't have to be diamond (although it can be if it related to any personal). Who owns expensive things your kids can still compete.

Check the date on it

I assure you, kids will laugh whenever you see him. Yes, milk really cost so much in 1960. And save your receipt for gas, if you want to amuse your offspring. Also suggest to keep the receipt from the store from the day of birth of your child and hotel bills.

A picture of you the first time keep them on hand

You may be thousands of other pictures with your kids, but this is the first and most important.

The brightest moments of their childhood

No, not the banal sports trophies and certificates. All of these things you can get away right now, no matter how old your children are. Drawings the time of kindergarten you will not need, the same applies to color prints of their palms. But it is possible to maintain school diaries, especially if there are some records from teachers. We also plan to maintain a letter saying that the child was accepted to the University, at least as long as he gets his diploma.

Tag worn by your Pets

Our furry family members deserve to be remembered. Save the tag or collar in a special box along with a photo of pet with your family.

Your favorite music, but on modern media

A box of LPS or cassettes to your younger generation may not be necessary. There is certainly good music, but your children will not be able to hear it. Even with a cassette tape plays the cat and you should see some of these songs you can find and buy online.

To date, only some of the records or Stereo tapes 8 may be of interest to collectors, the others are worthless.published


Author: Anne Brenoff (Ekaterina Surkova)


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