Italian in 40 years life only begins!

If you were in Italy, you probably noticed how elegant its inhabitants, how stylish they dress, how take care of themselves. With all this, they belong to completely different age, and in 40 years the woman is a refined girl with everything ahead. It girl, you got it right. Ragazza how it sounds in Italian.


Italian in 40 years (especially in Milan) is almost always good-looking, in great shape with a manicure. They are happy with life, which is full of meetings with friends, work, new projects, aperitifs and interesting communication.

Not everyone in this age, tie the knot, and it is considered quite normal. Not all forty-year old “girls” are to the fourth top ten of at least one child. Still yet to come! A vivid example – a world star, actress Monica Bellucci, who gave birth to her first child – daughter of the virgin, at the age of 39, and the second, Leonie – in 45.

Of course, there are exceptions. Italians can have a family before, but if this does not happen, then think about creating your own unit of society in this age is the time.

It should be said about the manner of dress, which Italians are famous all over the world. 40 they have had enough an interns style, and begin to love the casual and choose the classics. Of course, not as a pensioner, which is considered just by the adepts of this trend and going shopping like going to the theatre.

“Girls” love the shades of beige, gray, brown. Restrained and slightly dusty colors. On the way out, they will probably choose the black, adding to its elegant accessories. Not alien to them and love to jeans, sneakers and bright prints, but unlike the youth, middle-aged will serve all very original and stylish.

Private love flying things free cut. Expensive accessories that create the image. Exactly, they can learn not only the style and manner of dress, but attitude towards life. After all ahead so much you can do to try and implement it. published



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