Battery Tesla Model S — What's inside?

Tesla motors is the Creator of a truly revolutionary eco, who not only produced, but also have unique indicators, allow their use virtually every day.

Today we take a look inside of the battery electric Tesla Model S find out how it works and reveal the magic of the success of this battery.

According to the North American Agency for environmental protection (EPA), Model S charging only one battery with a volume of 85 kWh to overcome more than 400 km, which is the most important indicator among the similar cars on the specialized market. For acceleration to 100 km/h electrocar need only 4.4 seconds.

The success of this model is the availability of lithium-ion batteries, the main components of which are supplied to Tesla by Panasonic. The batteries Tesla is legendary. And so one of the owners of such batteries decided to break its integrity and find out what it represents inside. By the way, the cost of such batteries is 45 000 USD.

The battery is located in the bottom, allowing Tesla has a low center of gravity and excellent handling. It is attached to the body by means of brackets.

The battery compartment forms 16 blocks, which are connected in parallel and protected from the environment by means of metal plates and plastic lining to prevent ingress of water.

Before it completely apart, measured the voltage, which confirmed that the working state of the battery.

The Assembly of batteries has a high density and precision fitting parts. The whole process of picking takes place in completely sterile environment using the robots.

Each block consists of 74 items that looks very similar to the simple penlight batteries (Li-ion Panasonic cells) divided into 6 groups. At the same time, find out the scheme of their placement and work almost impossible — it's a big secret, and thus make a replica of this battery will be extremely difficult. The Chinese equivalent of the battery of the Tesla Model S we are unlikely to see!

The role of the positive electrode is graphite, and a negative Nickel, cobalt and aluminum oxide. The specified amount of electrical voltage in the capsule is 3.6 V.

The most powerful batteries available (its capacity is 85 kWh) consists of 7104 of these batteries. And it weighs about 540 kg, and its parameters equal to 210 cm in length, 150cm in width and 15 cm in thickness. The amount of energy produced by just one block of 16, is equal to the number produced hundreds of batteries from portable computers.

When assembling the batteries Tesla is using elements produced in different countries, such as India, China, Mexico, but the final improvement and equipment manufactured in the United States. The company provides warranty service for its products for a period of up to 8 years.published

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