I got rid of the sugar addiction

Strong craving for sweets – a problem familiar to many modern women. But the consequences become sweet and extra weight and tooth decay and many other problems, and in the consciousness they can not connect with sweet cakes and candy. In this article I will talk about my experience getting rid of sugar addiction.

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Sweet life

As a child my mother did not give me sweets to 3 years, and I did not like. Candy I perceived as something inedible, but if someone was treated, then carried it to my mother. Jam seemed too sweet, like most other sweets. If we ate on the holiday cake, I only had slow, small spoons are one piece with a few mugs of tea. As a result, until the age of 13 I didn't know about the scourge as caries.

At the Institute things have changed — sweet became more affordable and delicious. And during pregnancy woke up craving for sweets has reached unimaginable proportions. Ate, not really limiting themselves. The result — a destroyed teeth, extra weight, swelling. Then I couldn't believe that all the fault of cakes and candy. Weight was not reduced, was always strong appetite. But to abandon the evening ritual of tea drinking with her husband and snacks – it was very difficult.

I once read a well-reasoned article about the dangers of sugar and decided to use the data tips. Almost a year not eating sweet at all, and didn't want to. But next pregnancy went.

Sweet I ate: a spoonful of sugar porridge in the morning, 2 sticks, a glass of sweet compote, 1 candy. Plus a couple times a week tea. Like not very much, however, and it was enough to have ravenous hunger, lack of energy, dizziness, not passing weight, dry mouth. Twenty grams a day — that's how much sugar can be processed without harm to our body. This is about one (!) candy.

A few months ago I decided to once again abandon the sweet and transforming your habit into something positive once and for all.


Changing the habits

Here are simple tips that will help you to get rid of this harmful attachment. Dependence on sugar is held for 21 days, and often sooner. After this period, you will not want it at all. Saturation will occur faster, health will be improved.

  • Don't keep sweets at home at all, don't come in the stores to the shelves with the sweet;

  • If someone eats a sweet tooth near you, think of it as a beautiful picture.flowers or butterflies, which we don't eat. Don't even think about that candy or cookies you can put in your mouth;

  • No sweeteners and fructose, they are not less harmful;

  • Not necessarily have a sweet tooth "for the company". You can slowly and drink tea together, not touching the candy. For the holidays, allow yourself a small piece;

  • If you really want a sweet, better to eat a normal portion of food or drink a glass of water;

  • White bread acts on the body about the same as sweets;

  • Important is the overall balance of power. Move it from predominantly carbohydrate to the side of protein and fiber, complex carbohydrates.


Five million one hundred thousand eight hundred thirty three

It is useless to restrict yourself to do something. It is better to transform the habit into more useful action. Stretches a hand to the coveted locker (even if they have not bought, is different — I treated, my husband brought) — to do something else, for example:

  • Drink a glass of water, you can with vitamins.Drink at least 2 litres a day;

  • Make yourself a large mug of tea in a beautiful mug, for example, flavored teas or supplements. Drink, inhale the aroma and it seems like an empty tea drank;

  • The first time you can eat sweets substitutes: a handful of nuts with honey Or dried fruit;

  • To make a face mask. (Often substituted for sweet taking care of yourself). To apply the cream. To do nails. Go to the end in the shower or to bed;

  • I became interested in toilet waters, especially probes to it. Enveloped in the sweet smell, doesn't want sweet there;

  • A good lesson for the girls to have braided hair, and instead of a cupcake to spend time to create yourself a trendy hairstyle;

  • If really difficult, just replace all the sugar with honey. Sometimes doing cakes for family, it can be done with honey.


When a man reaches for a glass, woman — to chocolate bar

The basis of sladkogolosaya can lie for different reasons: the need for closeness and love, and the desire to take care of themselves, and inability to distinguish hunger and thirst. Maybe you are so indulge in all the pleasures of life, that sweet is the only loophole in order to feel joy?

If you simply refuse old habits without finding a worthy replacement, that empty place will fill up in some other harmful way. I have replaced the bad habit of eating sweets came useful care for themselves.

Unrestrained craving for sweets is as heavy and harmful addiction like Smoking, alcoholism or drug abuse. Very well I said, watching their children. Ate sweet — wait for the ambulance tantrums, whining or bad, hyperactive behavior. And soliciting new dose. When we have completely eliminated sugar from the diet of his son, he became much calmer. Nervous children sugar is contraindicated.

Some deceive themselves that the sugar your brain needs. It is not, on the contrary: sugar depletes the brain. Without it it runs much better and more productive.

Thirty eight million eight hundred seventy nine thousand four hundred thirty seven

Get used to indulge themselves. Instead of a box of chocolates it is better to buy a new trendy shade or a delicious herbal tea. Instead of half an hour of sitting on the Internet with chewing cookies better soak in the bath or go for a walk.

Do not reward yourself with something delicious! This habit long entrenched (remember, it brought up dogs, producing a conditioned reflex). Think of other ways awards: new film, magazine, sports, a trip somewhere. I especially wanted to reward ourselves with some sweet kids ' tantrums, because a young mother is limited in the allocation of time for myself and rest. But tantrums are experienced much easier without binding stress.


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Where does Your life energy


Don't eat sugar for 2 months and in that time, without much effort, and starvation took 5 kg, I have a lot of energy, desire to move, left reduced mood and feelings of hunger, which did not allow me to lose weight.

I wish you all health, harmony and beauty! published  


Author: Inna Shukshin


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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