Sandwich with the aroma of the forest

The cool, slightly smoky autumn air is such a relief during hot, sun-scorched days. Simple country pleasures — a fragrant black bread, dill flavored, vigorous garlic. And if you walk through the woods, which finally got wet from the rain and eagerly absorbed all the moisture on the elastic carpet of pine needles, you can find mushrooms, astringent smell of the forest and to bring this piece of fragrant woods.

Then it's simple.

No cream, why clog the taste and scent of the forest? A handful of chanterelles, carefully cleaned from needles and sticking needles, a young onion with gold satin skins, a couple of cloves of garlic is very juicy, sprig of dill, thick, strong and covered with blue-gray pollen, a few thin strips of hot pepper, a little sunflower oil.

Everything is quick fry together — and take a good chunk of fresh rye bread. And if there is a little bit of cheese and grate it and sprinkle neschedra hand sandwich.

Sit on the porch, squinting in the sun, breathe in the smell fades and herbs, look at flying on the webs of the spiders stay to smile at your thoughts — is this not happiness? And there is a sandwich with the scent of the forest...


Cook with love! Bon appetit!


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