Three catch Elon musk. Like taking a job at Tesla Motors

In different companies, their ideas about the necessary recruits. Learn how to take on the job in Tesla Motors, their psychologists and HR, as well as "double-bottom" tests. So there is a possibility to estimate, would you be able to work with Elon Musk.


For starters — a simple test of intelligence.

So, you are somewhere on the surface of the Earth. You walk 1 mile South, 1 mile West, 1 mile North and end up in the same place where it started its movement. Where are you located?

Before reading further, try to answer without Google.

I'll answer the unasked question — what the devil actually doing this task for a knowledge of geography, if the workpiece is clearly stated: Elon Musk.

It turns out that it is part of the three-step procedure of recruitment of recruits in the company Ilona Mask Tesla Motors. Not the first part, however. But the fact is that in each of the three hidden catch.

In principle, any company competitor check in three key points:

  • HR usually specifies details of the life and work of CV.
  • Psychologist checks the compatibility with the team and suitability to work in specific conditions of the workplace.
  • The technician evaluates the knowledge, skills and competence.

But Tesla Motors on each of these stages is used tests with a false bottom, designed to throw the candidate off.

For example, HR, ostensibly to clarify a previous paper, may suddenly ask: what do Your colleagues and Your boss can say about Your qualities as a ***? And on-site *** can be anything — and productive worker, and the soul of the team, and informal leader, etc., etc. That come to mind.

The catch here is in the fact that a normal person is unlikely to be responsible for the possible words of other people. And that recruiter called quality, as a rule, have little to do with the range of potential duties listed in the vacancy announcement. And even though the exact details of the recruiter is not interested — he is more of an emotional reaction.


Or, say, a psychologist Tesla, probably will finish the interview knockout: We looked at several dozen potential candidates, and all of them are like You, so what makes You think we should prefer?

Of course, this question like many. Such a fashion. But only Tesla admits that looking for answers not arguments, and the passion.The more emotional will be responsible, the hotter it will become to convince his interlocutor of being wanted, the more arguments you bring, the better his chances.


Finally, the above-quoted test. Similar puzzles on the uptake can easily throw on a professional interview. Some of them may not have correct answers or not contain sufficient data to find a solution. The catch, and even what! But Tesla believe that the way they select people who can think...


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By the way, going back to the beginning. You've already learned that the correct answer to the puzzle — North pole (though this is one of the possible correct answers)? But would it surprise you that Tesla Motors is just one of 30 candidates?


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Author: Andrew Malgin


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