Ariel Atom sports car will be hybrid

Sports car Ariel Atom new generation can get a hybrid powerplant, which uses the technology of the supercar Honda NSX.


"Hybrid technology NSX are advanced and very expensive. However, over time these developments will go down the "food chain" up to the hot hatchback. At this stage, they will be available for the new Atom," explained Saunders.

According to the top Manager, the company has already discussed the possibility of using other hybrid systems of the Honda, however, always came to the conclusion that they are not powerful enough for "Atom".

Saunders noted that the engine performance and the dynamic characteristics have always been more the priority criteria, rather than fuel savings and reduces harmful emissions. The head of Ariel said that sports car Atom may receive the all-electric modification.


Finally, Saunders stressed that Ariel is considering the possibility of developing an entirely new model, which will be "completely different from what the company produces now."

The current Ariel Atom is equipped with two-liter compressor "four" of Honda, developing 245, 310 or 350 horsepower. The standard engine is paired with a six-speed manual transmission, and it is the most powerful version can be combined with a six-speed sequential transmission Sadev. Top sports car — the Atom 3.5 R — gathering "hundreds" of 2.7 seconds and its top speed is 250 kilometers per hour. published

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