Children grow up too fast...

Babies are a lot of care and work. Sometimes I quickly would have grown up to live gave his life... And grow up, and realise how little appreciated allotted precious time of childhood.

My youngest will be 14 soon, will give a passport. 170 growth. Sitting over Bradbury reads. As it so happens quickly, huh? That's just like yesterday your arms were hung after washing vests pink in the butterflies and the flowers, and here already, and they hang too pink in the flowers – but bras. Without pause, I think.



The senior finished University, he had a beard, the machine, and the bride, and I still find myself thinking when I see in the window of a beautiful locomotive toy: that would be for him to buy, he will be happy. He was very small locomotives and trains loved. And he has such a special face when I was once again something messed up in the computer.

Patient. Like, "well, nothing, I still love you and will help, of course." I wonder if I have enough patience not to get irritated when he's a little something did not understand, confused and spoiled? I can't remember.

The farther away, the more I realize that this is perhaps the main truths about children: they grow up really fast. Young parents often think that as they are now, always will be. Eternal screams in the night, the eternal "hands", the eternal game machines, sobs when separated and the same tale for the hundredth time. I wish it would all change. So he would have grown, learned, able...

So be it: it will grow and they will be able very quickly. After all, we are busy, we have work, relationships, creative life, but it's just business, and the childhood of our children we live in fragments. A year and a half at the beginning, then half an hour in the evening, half a day on weekends and two weeks vacation. If you count the "hockey time" of our parenting, so much will natical? Yes, how much of it we spent on the accusations, the notation, "leave me alone" "wait" and "go do your homework"...

And remember it is not "potty training" and that someone was in the quarter in third grade. Another recall. When my son was four, we sent him for the summer a month earlier than were able to escape themselves. With two of his adoring grandmothers. They called and said that the child well eats, bathes and walks and everything about him is good. But when we came to him and evening the three of us lay on the large bed, the child suddenly gasped and said with relief: "I'm tired of living without protection."




When my daughter was five and she was in kindergarten, we did "reserve dates". She had denim overalls with lots of pockets, and here am I in all of these pockets were stuffed "kissing." So, if you suddenly become sad, you "get it" and feel that mom loves.



Why the child behaves the worst with my mom

And that will spoil!


I really want parents to understand the child, their child how brief and precious gift – a time to be with him, to care, to delight, to hug, to listen, to be his guard, to create a stock of "kisses" for life ahead.

Don't rush time. Wash the pins, and buy locomotives. Enjoy. published


Author: Lyudmila Petranovskaya


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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