Alexander Volkov: "I" and the body is not the same thing!

So, where in your body living your "I"? Answer this question and be surprised.

Step one. "I" and the body is not the same thing.

Me and my body. A banal phrase. For him, it is assumed that there are two independently existing phenomenon: "I" and "body."

Is it really so? And if so, to what extent they are independent of each other?

The answers to these questions may seem obvious, however, it should start with them. Then we will have a good Foundation for future builds.

Those who come to study at the "Laboratory of tai JI" come to do something with your body. Yoga, tai Chi, Reiki, meditation, of course, a good influence on him.

However, most of those who come, wish through his body something to do with his "I". It is usually called self-improvement.

There are people who gave life moments observing his body from outside – for example, in altered States of consciousness, anesthesia, clinical deaths, etc. They got the experience which showed them that the body is one, and their "I" — other.

To trust such statements or not is a purely personal matter.

At the time, everyone will get the answer to the question: "Can there be "I" without a body?"

And now for me it is important that we have clearly separated concepts such as "I" and the body.

Step two. Relationship "I" and body.

The relationship between the self and the body can be different.

For clarity on this issue, I propose the analogy of a computer: the hardware( case, monitor, motherboard, processor, all audio, video card, etc), and there is software that computer.

And a computer we can only call a combination of:

1. housing, monitor, etc. (what you can see with our eyes) and...

2. software (what to look).

It is useful to understand that the program itself can not be seen. You can see the result of the operation of the program on the monitor, and the program itself is invisible. However, we know exactly what it is!

The same is true for "I" and body.

The body is a physical substrate, without which it cannot exist (it will still say "manifest") our "I".

We see a body, and we see how does "I" means this body.

The "I" we do not see, but we know exactly what it is!

Step three. In what part of the body lives your "I" ?

This is a strange question, right?

And yet. If we know the body and what we consider ourselves, are not one and the same, we can assume that our "I" can specifically be localized in our body.

Then now try to feel where in the body is localized your "I"? Say aloud "I am" and listen to your body. How do you say this is the "I"?

Do not read further until, until you yourself tried to feel it: where is now your "I"? Do not read if you consider yourself intelligent and inquisitive creature.

I allow myself such a provocation in the hope that you accept it with a smile, as friendly.

We did this experiment in our workouts, and the answers were different. Someone pointed to his head, someone-in the center of the chest. Some felt his "I" as a line passing the center of the body. Interesting, isn't it?

So, where in your body living your "I"? Where, from what point of space you want to see the body? Answer – and you will be surprised.

My daughter, when she sees that we are going somewhere and think that it can not take, asks: "where am I?". However, she confidently tapping his tummy. Her "I" lives still in my stomach!

They say that in ancient times, when the problem of food was acute, and the man lived only in this interest, as well as my daughter, in the use of the pronoun she patted her stomach. This level of existence can be called animals. And who in life we can call "animals"? The one who lives with the needs of the animal.

If you are familiar with the chakras and where they are, then you can agree on the localization of the "I" with them. It is quite revealing picture: people for whom rationality is the primary value, will indicate the location of the "I" in the head (ajna chakra), people are feeling will show on the chest (anahata chakra), people with great natural experience itself, most likely, will point out the stomach.



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You know the feeling of NOT...


How interested are you based – corresponding chakra use.

In different situations the location "I" can change.

As you probably already know, location "I" can change over life, depending on changing interests and values.

Is there an answer to the question: where is more harmonious to be our "I"? published


Author: Aleksandr Volkov


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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