Twenty-dazzling beauties of the Soviet cinema

In California, on the hillside of mount Lee, near Los Angeles on July 13, 1923, appeared the inscription Hollywood. It was originally written as Hollywoodland and had no relation to the movie, and touting a new residential area.

In 1949 inscription repaired and removed the last four letters. By the time Hollywood has turned into a symbol of Los Angeles and the entertainment industry. The present inscription, composed of white letters 15-meter height and 12 meter wide, appeared in November 1978.


And we remember about 20 handsome men of the Soviet cinema, which Hollywood would be crying right now. These actors did not leave indifferent any Russian woman.

Vasily Lanovoy

"Striped flight" was the only Comedy in which he starred Lanovoy. It is only an episode, but very bright. Who remembers this: "they float very Nicely — there's the group in striped bathing suits". The rest of the films with the participation of the Lanovoi was serious and dramatic. Among his heroes — Pavel Korchagin, Alexey Vronsky, officer Ivan Barabbas.


Oleg Yankovsky

Once he admitted that he became an actor because of his youthful love. When Oleg went to school, he liked a girl and to impress her, he introduced himself as the actor. The deception was discovered, and Jankowski promised that she would become an artist.

The viewer remembers his roles in the films "Shield and sword", "two comrades were Serving", "Love at own will", "That Munchhausen", "Kill the dragon".


Ghostface Killah

The role of the frogman in "-Man" became the most significant and memorable in his film career by making a sex symbol in the Soviet Union. In 1998 he received the title of people's artist of Russia. In Hollywood, he might well join the ranks of the X-Men.


Yuri Yakovlev

Initially the role of Hippolyta in "twist of fate" was selected Oleg Basilashvili, but for family reasons he declined, and his place was taken by Yuri Yakovlev.

The actor impressed the critics by playing a major role in the film "the Idiot", and then there was the "hussar ballad", "Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation", "kin-DZA-DZA!" and other outstanding works.


Andrei Mironov

We all know Mironov for his comic roles, though he had offered more serious. Once he even agreed, but his candidature was immediately rejected, too comical he read the text.

But with "rowdy" roles he was lucky, like anyone else. Among them — Dmitry Semitsvetov in "Beware of the car", Gene Nightjars in the "Diamond hand", the Marquis "property of the Republic", Andrei Vasilyev in "Incredible adventures of Italians in Russia", Leonidas Fadinard in the "Straw hat", Celestin-Floridor in the "Heavenly swallows", Ostap Bender in "12 chairs," the Minister-administrator in "Ordinary miracle," johnny fest "Man from Boulevard des Capucines".


Igor Dmitriev

Dmitriev was the only actor in the Soviet Union, which had mastered the art of melodeclamation (reciting of works of music). Great-grandson of a Russian aristocrat Anna Pavlovna Scherer, mentioned in the beginning of the novel "War and peace" of Leo Tolstoy, he easily coped with the roles of aristocrats and other "alien elements".

His unforgettable images in the film "dog in the manger", "the Star of captivating happiness", "Glass of water", "the Pokrovskie gate", "Silva", "don Cesar de Bazan" and others.


Boris Khmelnitsky

He was not only a talented actor but also a master of sports on Billiards. In 2001, Khmelnitsky received the title of people's artist of Russia.

When you look at his photo immediately reminded of the noble Robin hood in the film of 1975 or "the Ballad of the valiant knight Ivanhoe" in 1982. Now would be about Khmelnytsky said that it has a Gothic appearance.


Alexander Abdulov

Abdulov was awarded the title of master of sports in fencing, so in the movie "an Ordinary miracle", all the scenes using swords in battle, he was playing himself, without a stunt double.

"An ordinary miracle", "the Most charming and attractive", "Formula of love", "Magicians", "the Master and Margarita" — all of his roles in these films are diverse and extraordinary.


Oleg Dal

Dal was so picky that he had been playing in films that he didn't like. That is why, despite the fact that he was a very talented actor, his track record is extremely small film roles.

It is famous for the characters played in the films "Sannikov Land", "Holidays in September", "the adventures of Prince Florizel," and others.


Mikhail Kozakov

He was not only a talented actor but also a consummate reader. In addition, he made films, and one of the most famous – "the Pokrovskie gate".

Due to its unusual appearance and skill, he played a charming villain in "Man-amphibian", a mysterious magician in the film "Love-carrot" and other famous roles.


Mikhail Boyarsky

His career began with the extras in the play "Crime and punishment". To most fans he is known as D'artagnan, and performer of songs "Lanfren-lanfra" and "Thank you, darling."


Oleg Vidov

The role of Maurice Gerald was very successful in his career, and the film "the headless Horseman" is among the five top grossing pictures of the Soviet Union.


Vasily Livanov

In 2006, he was recognized as the Queen of great Britain the best actor who played Sherlock Holmes. And this speaks to his outstanding talent and international fame.


Nikita Mikhalkov

In 1985 it was named the best actor of Russia for her role in the film "Cruel romance". To this day, Mikhalkov is one of the most famous and talented Russian filmmakers. His movies anyone present is not necessary: "among strangers, a stranger among us", "Slave of love", "Burnt by the sun", "Siberian Barber" and others.


Pyotr Glebov

Most famous work Glebova was the role in the film "the Quiet don". In the entire acting career, he starred in 40 films. Glebov came from an old noble family, but for the most part played a simple Soviet people, and not very heroic.


Nikolai Rybnikov

He is one of the most outstanding Soviet actors. Films with his participation such as "Girls" and "Height", remain popular to this day.


Vyacheslav Tikhonov

In 1945, he was not accepted into the Institute of cinematography due to the fact that he had a bad appearance, but later, he did. Tikhonov is one of the most beloved actors of the Soviet era, and the film "Seventeen moments of spring" with his participation went down in history and anecdotes.


Dmitry Kharatyan

He became an actor when I was in school. And even then, the fans filled up Kharatyan letters. Legend Dmitry made a film "midshipmen, forward!" and its sequel.


Nikolai Eremenko

He was born in a family of artists, this influenced the choice of future profession. National popularity brought him the movie "pirates of the twentieth century."


Vladimir Vysotsky


He was the idol of millions in the twentieth century and remains until today. Fans have been unable to come to terms with the loss of the great actor, poet and musician. In 2011, in memory of Vysotsky for the film "Vysotsky. Thank God I'm alive".published



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