5 tricks that will keep the knife sharp

Each knife need sharpening. The most expensive blade will be just a useless piece of metal if the owner of the knife appreciates their own laziness more than normal. In addition, working with a dull knife dangerous: the blade may break away from the cut piece of wood, or other material, and so in order to cause injury, it is enough for any level of sharpening.

Proper knife sharpening is an art, on which the training is to spend some time. In this article we will show some interesting and little familiar tricks that will help to keep the blade of your knife razor sharp.

Hook sharpening stone

A whetstone is better to fix firmly without play. If you hold his hand, the stone creates an uneven pattern of sharpening, messing up the blade. In addition, the fixation will give you the opportunity to observe the same level of sharpening.

Use the marker

This simple but effective trick will help you to monitor the progress of the sharpening. Just mark with a marker line on the blade of the knife before starting work. In the process it will tell you where you missed the plot blades, and where already brought the case to the end.

Sharpen often

No need to wait for the moment when your knife is blunted at the edge. This will make the subsequent work is long and tedious. It is better to constantly maintain the blade of a sharp knife, the sharpening process takes only 15-20 minutes a week.

Sharpening angle

Most often, the knives are sharpened at a 45 degree angle is optimal for the solution of many everyday tasks. If you prepare the blade for delicate cuts of meat, then stop at 30 degrees, and if you are going to hack their way in the jungle, take in the result of the original 60 degrees.

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 Less effort

No need to put pressure on the bar blade to speed up the process still will not work. Speed will not help either: work smoothly, otherwise the movement will be Jumpy and not accurate. Nothing good, as you probably know, this sharpener will not work.


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