Train a new generation of "Oriole" comes on to the rails of the country

The Department for external relations of the Tver carriage works, part of Transmashholding, said that the Customs Union gave the manufacturer a certificate of conformity with the technical requirements for the train ЭГ2Тв "Ivolga".

Certificate of conformity "Orioles" with the technical regulations of the CU indicates that the Tver car-building factory has mastered independent production trains.

ЭГ2Тв "Oriole" is the first Russian electric train of new generation. In his platform will be created modification trains suburban, urban and intermodal transportation services. One wagon can carry 340 passengers. The number of cars depending on customer requirements can vary from four to twelve. Trains can also be operated in mate with each other.

The maximum speed of the "Orioles" — 160 km/h. New energy efficient electric train and is economical. Its asynchronous traction motor has high values of specific power and acceleration, while the cost of its operation is much lower than the use of trains of earlier generations. Air suspension ensures a smooth ride, low vibration and noise.

At the train there is no vestibule and the front door wide that is more convenient for the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers. The salons are equipped with systems of air disinfection and ensuring a constant microclimate. In head coaches "Orioles" has all the conditions for the passage of people with disabilities. The inner space of the coaches ЭГ2Тв can be adapted depending on the set, before the operating organization of tasks.

Test trains ЭГ2Тв held in may-June of the current year. Trains were tested in different modes of loading at various speeds (including speeds above structural), strength tests on chassis and body test of all systems provided in cars and even fire testing.

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