In Russia there will be unmanned harvester

The holding company Ruselectronics begins the design of specialized hardware-software complex intended for automated control of agricultural machinery.

We are talking about creating autopilot combines. Such a system is expected to launch the so-called coordinate agriculture. This is considered more high tech and less costly method of processing fields: the effectiveness of seeding increases, while the amount of fertilizers decreases.

A project to create an autopilot for a combine harvester involves the use of a domestic electronic component base and software. The system will consist of three main components: a receiver navigation systems GPS/GLONASS navigation electric controller and hydraulic control unit. The autopilot will be able to provide the maximum accuracy retention rate movement.

The project budget is approximately 230 million rubles. "Upon completion of the development work in two years we will be able to provide automatic piloting of the combiner may be present there, but rather to control and in case of an emergency. In the open field any special hazards seem to be there. This is not the road, where around cars and pedestrians. So the task of creating unmanned harvester and tractor will be solved faster than the creation of an unmanned vehicle", — quote "news" the statement of the participants of the project. published




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