Kite flying for a cargo vessel

One German entrepreneur Stephan Wrage, engaging in kite surfing, got the idea to use a traction kite (kite) for heavy vessels. Because about 90% of all freight in the world by sea, and used diesel fuel to contaminate the planet's natural resources, and public renewable wind power is not applied.

The main advantage of designed for vessels of a kite is that it is capable of flying to a height of from 100 to 300 meters, where the wind is much stronger than on the surface of the sea. After startup the software of the kite analyzes the information obtained using sensors, and controls the kite, which describes the trajectory of eight to produce maximum traction.

In optimal conditions one kite could reduce fuel consumption by two times and hence the cost of it and, of course, emissions of toxic substances. The company Skysails, located in a major international port city of Hamburg in Germany, the world's first developed a system of wind thrust a kite for industrial application.

Patented Skysails system consists of three main components: strong and durable kite with a rope, inside which the cable installation is for launching and landing your kite, as well as an electronic control system for a kite. Kit
SkySails can be installed on any old and new court to create additional wind thrust.

Automatic controlled kite is a modern high-tech version of the sails. Compared to conventional sails, the kite does not cause the roll of the vessel under any circumstances, he is able to produce 25 times more energy than the sail, due to higher altitude and a controlled flight path. This means an additional 2,000 kW of thrust if the winds are favorable.

The Skysails system has been successfully tested on heavy courts, in the future it will be able to make international shipping a much more environmentally friendly and economical. published




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