There is just something that happens

There is no such thing as right or wrong time.

There is nothing in this universe that happens at the wrong time.

There is just something that happens.

Again and again, you believe in a lie about the obvious.

Do you believe that time is interested in your desires.

Do you believe that time is something that you can control.

Do you believe that there is another universe where everything works for you (if not all then at least something).

Do you believe that time really suffer because of this.

Seventy four million three hundred twelve thousand two hundred forty nine

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The good news is that the problem of suffering associated with the belief about to be solved, a simple end to the struggle with time.


No matter what happens, it will happen when it will happen.

No matter when you would like to happen.

It happens, whatever it is, when it will happen.

It doesn't matter who you think was supposed to be sooner or later.

No matter who you think was supposed to be dead or alive.


It does not matter who you think should:

To make their effect together,

To find their way,

To cure their wounds,

To fix their problem,

To improve their self-esteem,



Stop battle with time…

No matter what you think,

Everything happens on time.

Every thought, phone call, email, text message;

Every word out of someone's mouth, or from your;

Each red light, green light, stop signal, transport tube;

Every “late” for dinner, “late” for work, late train, failure to appear for a meeting;

Every itch, pain, belching, urge to pee, blinking eyes and snoring;

Each individual bird's trill, wind gust, rain cloud, sun beam;

Every “bummer”, “error”, the lost keys, wallet, coupon;

Every single facial expression, body position, and emotion;

Every “insult”, criticism, rude dude, and the indignant prude;

Every word of love, praise and “high five”;

Every cat shit, dog shit, bird droppings, and the buzzing of flies;

Every kiss, hug, squeezing and fuck;

Every child crying, headache, dry cough and a bruised leg…


12 mysterious cycles of human life

The only important desire...


Each car accident, diaper rash, short-term disability and bankruptcy…

When this happens?

When it happens!

Not to eke out a miserable life believing in a lie about the obvious.

Stop the battle with time and the suffering will stop.

The way it Is!published  


Author: Benjamin SMIS




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