16 tricks that will make learning for your child much easier

Large amounts of information, a full schedule and a lot of handwriting doing study is not easy. And your child can be difficult to sort through all those jobs, properly allocate your time and generally pull myself together. Therefore, the Website has prepared 16 tricks to learn, which will help to do everything and not to do too much.

How to Wake up early in the morning

  • Plan a cool Breakfast, for which your child will simply want to leave a pillow and get out of bed.
  • Before going to sleep is better to drink a glass of water. It relaxes and has a positive effect on metabolic processes.
  • Choose a warm blanket. The ideal temperature for sleeping 16-21°C.
  • Let your child sleep in complete darkness, melatonin is produced when there is no light.
  • Put the alarm clock on the other end of the room, then you just have to get up to turn it off.
  • Turn off the phone (you know why).
To learn, to remember and not to do too much,

  • To learning most of the learning tasks and thus to give the brain a break, it is better to do according to this principle: 25 minutes hard work, then 5 minute break. Every third break should be 20 minutes.
  • Something to remember, let your child read it out loud and clearly, not paying attention to the speed.
  • If the studies keep getting distracted, put it to background, soft instrumental music, for example Hans Zimmer — Pandora.
  • To learn a new schedule is always difficult. Just take a picture of it and set as Wallpaper on your phone. So every time a child will watch to the phone, it will look at the schedule and quickly remembers it.
  • If you walk 10-20 minutes before a class, this will disperse the blood and make the brain work. Good morning walk before school.
  • To quickly to read, you can read the first and last paragraphs.
  • It is scientifically proven that peppermint stimulates brain activity and promotes concentration. You can also use a gum or mint candy. Put a couple of pieces in the pack.
  • To learn a few things on documentaries a lot easier. For example, history or biology.
The stickers will remind your child what to do today

If all the notebooks look the same, write the name of the subject from the side or mark of some bright color

Lack of motivation? Put each paragraph of text, some sweetness

To find a solution If you have problems with a mathematical equation, you can go to wolframalpha and write there for example, the website will show detailed solution and answer.

The best time for learning Not just because school starts early in the morning. In the first half of the day the efficiency of the brain is much higher than in the second. Do not put off something for the evening.

How to memorize historical dates, Let your child draw a timeline. It is necessary to place first large event, and then add a little. If you know the dates of major events, remember the smaller ones in between will be easier.

Google, as a professional Google great help in finding something, but there are so many unnecessary information. Let your child use a Google Academy, to search only in the training materials.

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