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Another silence can be brighter than words, a significant phrase, expressive gestures agile -
So she silently squeezes his paddle, and position it does not need to decipher,
So Barberini Faun froze, not to cover up their shame, because young Adonis falls in the midst of hunting,
For thousands of years underground temple guard soldiers from the treated terracotta.

Come on silent - there is an excellent Caribbean rum. We can look at each other - and everything on it.
And most importantly - in silence, we do not sovrёm, as we explained to the famous Professor Ekman
. Motility facial muscles, the expression of the eyes, the movement of the finger on the rim of a coffee cup
Capable of much more precise about us than the years of working together in the same team.

Slightly smile and a little sideways look, arm lift up, show me your wrist,
I know all the outside as well as inside, and I become spineless and subservient to you,
And soon we will not be the usual stuff, candy papers, noisy around the capital.
I will explain to you how to write poetry. You're going to teach me to read fluently by individuals.

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