A great trick that will help keep food fresh for a long time!

< How to store products - a burning question for each family. All of us want to stay longer fresh food, and the products are not spoiled.

As is known, the main cause of food spoilage is air, which enters the package. There is a brilliant solution! We will teach you to do this vacuum packaging at home This will help extend the shelf life of any food at least 2 times!


Vacuum storage produktovVsё what you need - a package with a fastener, the products themselves, and a basin of water. It is necessary to put the products in the bag and fasten it, but not until the end. Dipping bag into the water, you can zip up the free edge: Now in the package is no air! See how easy it is ...

This video - a priceless find! It turns out that you can achieve the effect of vacuum storage products, without using special tools. You do not have to bother with the air ejection: in a moment everything will be in the best shape

. Always I use this trick when freeze berries for the winter in store! If you appreciate the genius of the idea, certainly, show it to your friends.


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