End of the World close

Calls, therefore, yesterday my friend Vita of the faculty (Faculty of Physics, University of Calgary, Canada), and the secretary said: "We got a letter here from Russia, but it is not clear what was inside, and it is not clear to whom it is addressed at all. You can go and find out? "Approach to the administration of it, and there is, therefore, a civilian envelope - with bubbles and all that. Inside the blue folder with a large inscription "It's No" of the Soviet model.

In the folder selection "scientific papers". In short turns, author of the letter with "a simple experiment with the gyro" set "global cyclical nature of life processes on Earth," and now he claims that all of us would live very long. On this occasion he sends his scientific "work" on all scientific institutions in the world.

The following is a something like priprinta:

In short it is soooo porridge termnov sho pessdets. Geezer Edelweiss from "Tale of the Troika" Strugatsky rest. The essence boils down to this:

Where the author mentions acquaintance with strangers. It is also one of the interesting hypothesis, which would be particularly clear amerikosy, was the fact that the earth and everything will be potolsteet lousy :)


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