How to lose weight in a week: WATER Sasso (recipe Cynthia Sass)

Recipe water Sassi:
* 1 medium cucumber
* 1 lemon
* 5-7 mint leaves
* Ginger
* 2 liters of water

Water Sassi - a unique drink that:
It improves the functioning of the stomach;
Promotes the conclusion of toxins from the body;
It has a sedative effect, soothes and prevents nervous exhaustion;
Accelerates metabolism, helping the body to use fat stores in it;
It has a diuretic effect;
It gives a feeling of satiety, which is very important when dieting for weight loss;
It prevents the conversion of carbohydrates into fats.
Prepare new water every evening, as the water that has been stored more than a day, loses all its healing properties;
Drink at least 7 glasses of water a day Sassi, but not more than 4 liters (in the heat);
Reduce the number of drunk coffee and other drinks containing caffeine in itself;
Do not drink at one time more than one cup of water. If you rastyanesh stomach, you'll experience a constant feeling of hunger. The smaller stomach - the more well-fed do you feel;
Do not drink water for 1, 5 hours before bedtime to avoid overloading the heart and kidneys;
Do not leave water Sassi in the light or in heat. Keep it in the fridge for a day.

No major contraindications to the water Sassi does not exist. However, its creator is not recommended to lose weight in a similar way to women during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as ginger and lemon, even in small amounts can harm the baby's health. In addition, great care should be taken Sassi water to those who suffer from gastritis or ulcer on the background of increased acidity of gastric juice. And, of course, do not use this tool for women who are allergic to at least one of the components that make up a drink.


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