Ukrainian brands posing as foreign

The inscription «made in China» ceased to be shameful since thousands of European and American firms moved their production to China. They learned a lot from the Chinese. Western models and technologies plus local materials and cheap labor - on this recipe produced the lion's share of the world's goods. First of all - clothes, shoes, electronics.

Out on the overall level of srednekitaysky quality brands competing now in the ephemeral branding, visibility inflating its prestige and reputation. Most progressive business reached a new level of deception: from fake goods known brands - to launch new brands, in fact just false.

This commercial practice does not cause material harm. She has only to learn about Ponte cheating buyers. But hucksters who gave the right to strike at our native Ponte?

A good example of a brand designed to legally mislead consumers, is Carlo Pazolini (11 stores in Ukraine). In the 90th year to cobble together on trade in electronics entrepreneur Ilya Reznik it has come up with an advertising agency "Video International". Carlo Pazolini plays on the belief of the Soviet man that the best shoes sewn in Italy. We must pay tribute to the company - creating the illusion, it does not fall to outright deception. While you can submit as many clients Carlo Pazolini boasts girlfriends "Italian boots", actually sewn in China on the Russian request and design.

Another example gives the company MTI, which owns a network of "Intertop" (41 stores in Ukraine). His "unique portfolio" she expanded private labels - own brands, which produces shoes for factory-contractors. But ownership of them "Intertop" does not advertise on the contrary - is trying to cheat customers.

Brand shoes Lobster appeared in 1978 in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, - lying to us the company's website. Among metropolitan advertisers is not a secret that the name, logo and concept Lobster autumn of 2006 developed creative bureau Sahar. According to unconfirmed information, one of the art directors personally agency sketching shoes.

"What is this company?" - I asked, holding a pair of Lobster, in one of the shops "Intertop." "Dutch" - said the seller. The label specified address in Amsterdam, which was registered trademark.

... Somewhere in the early 90-ies of XX century, in London's Chelsea was interesting young girl. It can often be seen in the most popular institutions of the British capital, art exhibitions, poetry readings, and easy on the bohemian hangouts ... only very few people know that girl named Helen Brusca. She - the designer and she has a dream - an easy and elegant. She wants to come up with the best shoes in the world ... So, or something like this, was born one of the most progressive brands of shoes called BRASKA, - again tells us tales of the site "INTERTOP."

Meanwhile, BRASKA came to light thanks to the agency, which was then called Saatchi & Saatchi. The name was coined as a copywriter. Of course, Google is no Brusca Helen does not know.

The best selection registered on certain Eugene Filatov. Registered address - street. Red, 12-B. This Troyeschina, not in London's Chelsea.

"The English company," - said to me intertopovsky seller.

In late 2005, launched a smart advertising campaign under the slogan Luciano Carvari "Vіdteper in Ukraїnі!" Implies that our market comes to the history of the Italian brand. Suspicion caused by relatively low prices, confirmed the Russian language official site With simple check revealed that he registered at the Dnepropetrovsk company managing networks selling shoes "Gianni & quot; and «Shabelski». No sites in Italian, confirming the existence of a designer Luciano Carvari and his "family of hereditary shoemaking», Google does not know. As shown in the legend full of inconsistencies, but no photos.


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