Action "Moscow - Kissing city"

The very idea of ​​action "Moscow - Kissing city" playful and without raisins - to collect as many people kissing in one place, get positive emotions and impressions, try out a new way of dating and possibly break the Guinness Record for the number of simultaneously kissing couples ( the previous record from the first of September this year - 6980 while kissing couples belongs to the city of Tuzla in Bosnia). Initiator flashmob - someone Nikolai Bulanov, a student of the Institute of Finance.

Those who do not have a pair, it was suggested to bring a heart drawn by attaching it so that it was clear to come to you like an object, which is also attached heart, say the password and get feedback.
Password: "You do not know how to get to the library?»
Otzyv1: "Sure, I'll take you»
Otzyv2 "What library at 3am?»
It is clear that the first option agreement represents the second - the refusal.

The signal for the kiss had to serve as the organizer released into the sky red balloon. Anyone could also bring a ball and release it at the moment of the kiss.


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