Such nuances in relationships allow us to say: "We are very happy together!"

The secret of strong and harmonious couples in which candy buketny period never ends - is the ability to fool around and enjoy the little things, even after years of living together

. With the permission of the author of comics hPolaw Website offers you recall the examples from the life of a gay couple, how well the nuances of behavior can not be allowed zamylivaetsya to maintain a reverent attitude to each other.

Any sincere joy Gifts

sleep in an embrace (even if not always convenient) 41,498,490

Joint hobbies and sports

hugs, hugs and once again embrace

Care and willingness to support

small but touching deeds

Cute childish pranks < br>

joint shopping trips

ability to listen and reassure

And most importantly, understanding that differences - is another powerful reason to love

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