You will be surprised! 9 types of pain, are associated with the nerves rather than diseases

Very often our sores are not associated with internal problems of the body and the psyche. In medicine, for the determination of such conditions, the term 'psychosomatic ยป.

Here are 9 types of pain, which may indicate a problem with your mental rather than a physical condition.

1. Pain in the head.

Headaches are most often caused by the stress accumulated during the day. If you suffer from them, come up with some kind of ritual that helps you relax. And follow him daily.

Meditation - the best choice. If you're too conservative for her, the alternative would be a hot tub in the evening.

2. Pain in the neck.

If you often feel painful symptoms in the neck, it can be caused by real problems faced by you or your loved ones. Pain in the neck - a sign of a nervous tic

. We would advise you to focus on love. And understanding why and for what you love to their loved ones. It usually helps.

3. Pain in the shoulders.

Shoulder pain often means only one thing: you are currently on a great emotional burden. Perhaps, in recent days and weeks, you will feel the heavy burden of external pressure and responsibility.

The best way to get rid of this kind of disease - focus on solving their actual problems. You need to deal with them at all costs!

Otherwise, the burden of this pressure will spread to your loved ones. Who knows what problems it may lead!

4. Pain in the upper back.

If there is a profit in the region of the blades, which means that you do not have enough emotional support.

In fact, you have a choice: either to take for solving problems, and actively undertake; or insist that one of your loved ones share the burden with you.

Talk to your husband or wife. It helps more often than you think.

5. Pain in the lower back.

Back pain usually means that you are too worried about money. Perhaps she tells you that now - a good time to ask for a promotion. Or start using the applications for financial planning.

6. Pain in the elbows.

This pain suggests that you resist the changes in their lives. If you have sore hands, then, you think life is very hard and even harsh.

To get rid of this pain, you will have to make some compromises with each other and a little shake.

7. Pain in the hands.

Pain in the hands usually means that you have to change the social circle. Perhaps you do not suspect it, but some of your friends and colleagues literally "suck" from you life your complaints and requests.

Try to create new social relationships. Make new friends. If necessary, be prepared to change jobs.

8. Pain in the hips.

Chronic pain in the thighs means that you are very frightened by impending or accomplished the move. Perhaps in your life have happened some other unpleasant changes associated with the environment.

We would advise you to close your eyes to the difficulties and to open themselves to change. Do not be so careful as before, when making important decisions. Learn courage!

9. Pain in the knees.

Pain in the knees - a sure sign that you need to learn to control his ego. Sometimes it swells so that it becomes unreasonable!

Accept the fact that you can not control everything and be responsible for all. Spend some of your time to participate in something on a voluntary basis. Try volunteering, for example. Or donate a portion of their money to charity.

Remember: we are all mortal, and there is nothing for which it would be necessary to hold on for dear life.


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