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Thanks to the efficiency and mechanistic you can succeed in accumulating money, power, prestige, respectability, but you will lose yourself. And you give yourself on the cheap; what you get in return, has no value.
Do you know how many people lived before you on this earth? Do you realize that millions of them have been successful people? Millions of them were famous in their time, but now people do not even remember their names. They disappeared as dreams, without leaving any trace.
We, too, are consumed in the same way. The few people who have died and yet continue to live in the love of people, trust people who do not belong to a successful - emperors, conquerors of the world, the rich. Those few people who in spite of his death are still living in the hearts of the people belong to an entirely different category: they were men of awareness, people with a soul. Their impact was so deep that it will continue as there is at least one person alive.
Gautama Buddha, Lao Tzu, Kabir, Christ, Mansur al-Hallaj - these people should not be forgotten.
They will continue to live in the deepest recesses of your being, for the simple reason that they never enters their awareness for the temptations of the market square.
 - Osho -


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