Good news. Climax. Female or male. Choose your own

It does not say. It is not even discussed at secret parties close friends.

In our society it is not accepted. Shameful, that is. About unconventional sex, you talked for more than about it - menopause

. This is so much unknown, and at the same time interesting.

For the first time with the question klimakticheskih changes I encountered in 26 years. I had a friend. And this friendship I treasure. He was 38. His wife was five years older than him. One day, dinner at an expensive restaurant, it is after two hundred grams of expensive whiskey, confessed to me that he and his wife "do not want", and she is already "not necessary┬╗.


From the height of the then young, but wise age, I appreciated his advantage. With mercantile point of view, of course the same. But the question I was interested. Some time later, I happened to meet with his wife. Bright, well-groomed, the cleverest woman! And ... very sexy! At that moment, an epiphany dawned on me - is it with him, "we must not" possible. Soon, my thoughts were confirmed.

The second conversation, but this time with another man, I had a decade later. We have not seen each other for a long time and accidentally crossed into one of the trendy cafes. We had time, and we spent three hours in the community other arcs, discussing all the news that happened during the time that we have not seen. He was happy for me that I got married again and gave birth to her second child, and he was told that his wife still went to his longtime girlfriend, but now this fact is not happy. "I can not understand, she's always been such a sexy, but now, it just does not learn. It is absolutely indifferent to sex, "- concluded its long history, my old friend. And I had to think again. But the fate of the other, and of the woman. I knew it, too. It gives the impression, sex life which is not in last place.

And I thought about what will happen to me when I'm 40?

Now I 40+. And now I understand a lot. Not only in terms of physiology and medicine, which is confirmed by my diploma of higher education, but also from the point of view of psychology and sociology. What will be confirmed on the next diploma of higher education in about a year.

And experience! Its something to do with?

So, my friends, the climax!

Menopause - this is just a fading function of the reproductive system, as a result of age-related changes. You already know that this age-related changes of the reproductive system, recalling his teenage years. Then we, too, was quite unclear what it is happening to us. This completely new stage for us, because the are not familiar. But with experience behind him, and horror stories in the luggage, we have it somewhat alarming.

And if you encounter these symptoms:

decreased libido
frequent urge to urinate
decline in the overall vitality, apathy
decreased performance, inability to concentrate
sudden hot flashes ( "hot flushes┬╗)
feeling short of breath
deposition of fat on the abdomen, thighs
weight gain
drawing pains in the lower back

dry skin increased sweating
Obviously all that you are going through the phase of menopause.

Perhaps other symptoms of dysfunctions in the body, but it can also serve as a marker, and menopause. Who said that this only applies to women? Do men do not pass through this?

If a male menopause a little write and do not often say whether this means that the process does not affect them? No it affects. And how!

But the process of extinction of the reproductive system and to reduce its operation - it is absolutely normal and natural. As well as the thinning of the first milk tooth at the baby.

But what nature gives us in return, taking away our sexual powers?

Oh, there's Mother Nature is not stingy! She gave you the time to ensure that you have got offspring in the quantities in which it was assigned to you, and know all the charm of intimacy with a partner of (s) in sexual terms. For many of us, forty years, the process has not yet ended. But nature can offer us no less fascinating action in life than just work gonads. Perhaps you have had a chance to make sure that if something we have decreases, something, and added. This is how a compensatory mechanism.


And if our brain had previously been occupied, and perhaps suppressed reproductive function. That is interesting, some compensatory mechanism will work for each of us?

Surprise! Everyone gets his own. It's like a gift for the new year.

For example, throughout the living world menopause symptoms are observed, except man, even a dolphin - killer whales and pilot whales. They stop their reproduction for a long time before the end of their lives. Women also spend about a third of their lives after menopause.

For example, a female killer whales reach menopause before 50 years, but can live up to 90, and the female black dolphins, ceasing to give birth to 36 years, can live to be 65.

So - the only woman and dolphins! The mystery of nature.

And it is worth saying that the survival rate of posterity at-orca dolphins increased by 60%, if there are adults delfinshi.

I think it's good information to meditation.

I have a friend who became a mother at 49 years old, another one - knows nothing about menopause in their 55 years, and there is a friend who felt the climax in all its glory in his early 39 years. All people are different. And all of this occurs in different ways. But the knowledge and understanding of the situation with minimal losses will allow to pass through another difficult period in his life.

By the way, there are many ways to neutralize the unpleasant symptoms of extinction functions of sexual activity. From the homeopathic medicines, to the special physical exercises. And then yoga is pertinent as ever! That is, one can choose a method and means for the soul.

But most importantly, this is what we will do after that happens after menopause. No matter you are a woman or a man. You, like a dolphin, you can increase the survival rate of the young generation. His or someone else's - it does not matter. How? Their experience. His knowledge.

His realization.

Creativity, art, new classes, new profession, volunteering in the end. We are still so many unsolved qualities. Now it's time to give them realized.

The main question that confronts us life when the point of climax - and what are you dear person is still capable of, the edge of the fertility? And then we have a unique opportunity to discover their full potential. What previously had no idea.

What will it be? As I wrote - all in different ways. But definitely something different. Unique.

In sociology, it is called the personal effectiveness. And talk about it yet.

In the meantime, consider and determine what your unique features can improve the survival of the company by 60%?

A climax? Nonsense. Just next stage in life. Well, like acne in adolescents. Pass.

Author: Elena Klimenkova


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