Ship sail from izhenerov from Norway

Norwegian sailors came to the conclusion that the future of the ships will be able to again subdue the power of the wind and convert it for the benefit of shipping. At the same time, it's a fantastic future fleets already so far away from this as it may seem. In Norway, the world's first ship was designed, capable of using wind power without the traditional sails.

"Sailing" of the future, on the idea of ​​Norwegian engineers can use the special structure of the hull for the movement of the wind. Preliminary computer modeling and calculations have shown that in theory, the idea can be put into practice. If the court of the future will be able to use only one wind energy again for the equally rapid movement, it will be a major step in the development of future engines.

However, so far, a complete rejection of the classic engines on ships out of the question. Although developed by the Norwegians and the ship can be used for the movement of the wind, it is still quite dependent on traditional fuels, engines and screw mechanism.

Innovative housing allows only greatly reduce fuel costs vessel. Scientists have calculated that the fuel consumption can be reduced up to 40% of this figure. Using the wind to 100% is still only a theory, but in the near future we plan to achieve a 80% emission for the civil courts.

The development and creation of the first prototype, "sailboat" Future engineers also work to aerospace companies. The new ship was named Vindskip. The hull is made of aluminum and some other metals ultralight. Also worth noting is that the hull shape will resemble curved wing. ship management will be carried out by a computer navigation system, the main task of which will be the most rapid and effective weather forecasting in the region host vessel.


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