10 things that make every parent, but never in this is not recognized

Being a mom or dad - a whole science, which often throws up complex puzzles and equations which do not have the right answers. To cope with them, parents often go to small cunning tricks accidentally commit foolishness or simply fall into funny situations in life.

Inspired by lots of funny stories, Website I have decided to illustrate it for you, which makes every parent, but never let it be recognized.

Every parent sometimes hard on something distracted

progress on deceit, inventing a game for children, which he eventually did not participate

fight in the light swords

secretly get rid of the annoying and loud toys

Actively intervene in the school life of their child

falls asleep while playing

easy to give up under the pressure of children's whims

strongly reduces bedtime story, to put before the child

Thinks fantastic stories, not to go to the toy store

< br> Does your child for homework

Illustrator Anna Syrovatkina special Website for

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