9 Star Blondes, which is different intelligence and wit

Britney Spears "I never wanted to go to Japan. Just because I do not like fish, but as far as I know, they have in Africa it is very popular. »

"I often go to the ocean, for example, in Canada».

He fantasizes about his theatrical career, "I could make his debut in some small town in, say, London or England»

. "For me there is no silicone, all by itself has increased dramatically».

"I have many people ask how I can be a role model and dress like a whore. And I say that self-esteem - that's how you see yourself alone, and I am quite pleased with themselves, and that wear such clothes »


I'm for the death penalty. Anyone who commits a heinous thing, deserves punishment. The only way he learns a lesson on

future. "

Christina Aguilera "I - like the ocean, because the really deep. If you look deep enough, you can find rare exotic treasures. »

"And where in this year's Cannes Film Festival takes place?»

Kim Kardashian "And they say I do not have talent ... Try to keep the f *** on glass of champagne!»

"My mother had the syndrome when she was bored at home without children, and then I took her to hire a monkey»

. "In recent years, I'm too cool to do duck lips. So I do not do that. »

"I hate when people ask me what I actually do in life. Is it possible to be so uncouth, so do not know? The total lack of education! »

"If I were a man, I would like to know what it is - to have sex with me».

Gwyneth Paltrow «I do not like drunk women, in my opinion, they do not look. And behave inappropriately - I do not like. I, for example, no

drunken friends. "

"That you come to Paris, and the concierge recommended a restaurant to you, because he paid for it, but you're like," No, you better tell serving natural wine? And where do hair removal bikini »

Alicia Silverstone On the teen comedy" Clueless, "where she played a major role:" This is a very deep movie. Deep in the sense that it is very light. I think lightness has to come from the bottom, if it

real. "

Pamela Anderson «I am deeply about anything not think ... If I suddenly deep in thought, it scares me!»

< Olga Buzova strong > "I'm used to having a man as I have done, and done».

"At first, I sincerely believe, and then the other».

"We are here laid brick by brick, put the patch ... oh!

Penoplastyr. " "In Russia, I do not know where here you can relax mentally».

About shooting for the magazine: "The photographer was a foreigner and we had to communicate in English. Then he climbed into my pool and we found the contact. »

Dana Borisova «I say: let's you zatyuninguete my car. To start at 20 thousand. Well, 10 thousand to me, thank God, toned car, and the remaining 10 thousand wheel tightened one screw, although it is necessary, in general, it turns out, five bolts screwed. And then I went the whole day, almost

lost her life. "

"First Love remember, but it was not mutual on my part»

Anastasia «My photos look young boys and thought." It is not only dried roach on the stage, but also beautiful woman on the beach. »

"I'm very good soul and a good heart, but I'm terrible in anger»

. "I have my position and I like r * contrib hole, I do not want to sail wherever the wind blows».

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