15 things that should enjoy each pair before you have a baby

say that life changed abruptly after the birth of a child - in addition to the joy there are many cares and troubles. Many couples before you decide on a responsible step, choose to live some time for fun and to do so on that in the near future they will not have so much free time.

Of course, the birth of a baby does not mean that they no longer have time to hobbies and at each other, but still there are some things that I should enjoy plenty before this joyful moment.

We are in the Website made a list of 15 items and offer you its complement.

1. To travel to the country of which you have long dreamed of.

2. To say "yes" to a spontaneous plans - just live here and now.

3. If you've always wanted to move to another city or country, then now is the time.

4. Spend a weekend as long wanted: to party the night away or watch soap operas all day.

5. Find yourself a rewarding hobby for example, work out together

6.. Talk with each other about everything - about the interests, desires, goals, plans and dreams, revealing a different side more and more.

7. Arrange a romantic dinner in an excellent restaurant.

8. Sleep as much as you wish. To sleep for the future is impossible, but worth a try.

9. More often organize cultural outings to museums, theaters, exhibitions: Small children are not too fond of such places.

10. Find time and finally go to a concert of your favorite band, I come off as it should.

11. Sit in the car and go on an unplanned trip to the surrounding area, or arrange a real tour.

12. Afford sometimes bleeders - and how to hug just

13.. Kissing and not to hide their feelings from each other.

14. Often spend time with friends, for example, inviting them to visit.

15. Just enjoy and love each other. And do not forget to ask: do you want from me, kids?

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