As standards of male beauty have changed for some 100 years

Men have always sought to be attractive, stylish, successful and, of course, like the ladies. If demanded by fashion, they became more courageous, or more sexy, sloppy, careless or stressed concise. A special role in this transformation played hairstyle, mustache, beard, tan and inflated torso.

< Website gathered for you this handsome since the beginning of the XX century to the present day.

Time wrestlers and athletes

Statements strongman Eugene Sandow in the early XX century, caused in women the same enthusiasm as in the 60 concerts «The Beatles». Several figurines with the image of a bodybuilder is and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Refined elegance

The First World War brought to a peaceful life mustaches a la bicycle handlebar (handlebar), which was considered very beautiful and courageous.

Slicked hair and a languid look

All went crazy with the cinema and Rudolph Valentino - the stars of silent movies. Almost any man with slicked hair parted and closer to the middle, as the first Hollywood sex symbol, automatically became the written handsome.

Sexy baleen

The world is increasingly emulates the stars. The ideal of male beauty - tightened figure with good posture, broad shoulders, narrow hips, strong muscles. Famous sexy mustache pencil Clark Gable began to shave every other man.

Masculinity wartime

The key image of a man in World War II - a harsh, high-spirited, covered in shape, without any facial hair, as required wartime

1950s. -e
The deliberate sexuality

50th memorable style rockabilly and high sexual handsome Elvis Presley, who sighed wearily into the microphone and shake a leg his trademark dance. Popular hairstyle -. Licked forehead cook

rebellious spirit

Insolently handsome Marlon Brando in the film "Savage" imitate the thousands of young men on a motorcycle around the world, they wear leather jackets and called "tough guys».

Soulful look sexy and ruthless

At this time, the standard of male beauty was Alain Delon: sunburned, athletic young man with boyish features and penetrating blue eyes

Freedom of expression
<. br>

The end of a decade marked by the flowering of the hippie and psychedelic rock. Jim Morrison - frontman «The Doors» - fascinated by his unique charisma and deep lyrics. In one of his girls as fought in sexual ecstasy, and the young men commit insane acts.

Pumping Iron

While everywhere growing hippie movement and not distinguish between men becomes six-time "Mr. Olympia" by women, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Women are crazy, men are jealous, applauding and standing are in a rocking chair.

Sport beauty

The series "Baywatch" is increasingly driving interest in sports men with stunningly smooth bronze tan, relief muscles and preferably in red shorts.

Grunge wave

90 designated grunge-rock wave that spawned a new generation of people who did not care, what to wear and how to look. Just look at Kurt Cobain - the soloist of group «Nirvana» ​​(although it did not prevent him from being handsome and mix with hundreds of thousands of crazy fans)

2000s <. br> Metrosexuality millennium

The era of metrosexuals. The standard of male beauty is considered to be David Beckham - professional football player, has all the attributes of a gentleman's set of the new millennium: the six cubes press, salon styling and expensive clothes

2010s <. br> Careless hipsters

Hipsters filled world. Easy negligence and bearded, vintage items, slenderness or muscularity to choose from, the cell or strip, glasses, tattoos and carefree look. The Perfect Man is ready. Especially if it's Ryan Gosling.

Our days

Now becoming increasingly popular beard and long hair gathered on the crown. This trend is so powerful and pervasive that it even gave the name - lamberseksualnost or "lumberjack style»

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